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tomato paste for buy in brix 28-30%

Tomato paste for buy is obtained from concentrated juice of high quality tomatoes. Tomatoes also are prepared in traditional and industrial methods. In the form of bulk, cans and spitak are marketed. The quality of tomato paste is physically and chemically, It is a tomato brix in physical cases. Brix is in fact the concentration of tomato. The higher the amount of brix, the greater the concentration of tomato paste.

Tomato paste for buy

Introduction of Brix in tomato paste for buy

This Standard also  applies to the product, as defin in Section 2 below, which intends for direct consumption. Including for catering purposes or for repackaging if necessary. This Standard also applies to the product when it indicate that it intende for further processing. The Standard does not cover products containing seeds and skins. Such as “pizza tomatoes” and other “home-made” products or products commonly known as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, ketchup, or other similar products. Which strongly season products , of various concentrations and containing characteristic ingredients. Such as pepper, onion, vinegar, etc. in such quantities that considerably alter the flavor, aroma and taste of the tomato ingredient.

Tomato paste for buy

How to measure tomato paste brix

Tomatoes, as the raw material for the production of tomato paste, should be of suitable quality for condensation. The standard for tomatoes that paste should be in accordance with the National Standard of Iran No. 40 with tomato. To prepare the paste, certain tomato varieties use that sufficiently ferment and sweet. No matter how much tomato brix is, tomatoes are sweeter and more suitable for tomato paste. For example, Early Girl tomatoes are very sweet, and in some cases the Brix 13 report, which is a very high number.

Tomato paste for buy

The relationship between tomato brix and condensation costs

The most important process in tomato paste production is the condensation process. And this process has a direct bearing on tomato brix. The higher the number of tomato brix, the lower the concentration required for paste. Since the process of condensing tomato paste factories involves very high costs,it can conclude that the higher the degree of tomatoes, the lower the cost of becoming tomato paste.

Tomato paste is a natural product that obtains from fresh, healthy and ripe tomatoes. Which subject to a process of crushing, cooking, concentrating, pasteurizing and aseptic packaging to ensure their innocuousness and conservation. Without the addition of dyes, flavors, preservatives or others.

The product development process carry out under strict hygiene regulations, complying with the implementation of the Good Manufacturing Practices “BPM” and “HACCP”.

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