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Imports tomato paste to Azerbaijan

Imports tomato paste is increasing. also There is increasing domestic demand for agricultural products . This also boosted the growing consumption of products such as tomato paste. The country is growing vastly, but as long as the industrial and agricultural infrastructure are not developed, it requires tomato paste imports.

Imports tomato paste

Why needs to imports tomato paste

ٌWhy Imports tomato paste to Azerbaijan is important? Azerbaijan has its beautiful beaches along the Caspian Sea. it has a great talent in order to become a tourist destination in the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. In addition Azerbaijan has a large population. Therefore, one cannot ignore the views of economic development strategists. especially as the current cultural and social conditions.

Therefore, Azerbaijan’s need for food products import is very important for it. One of these products is tomato paste. Imports tomato paste fulfills some of the basic food needs.

In such a situation, the use of food Imports can be part of supplying materials.  Imports of tomato paste to Azerbaijan today is an essential need for this country.

Imports tomato paste to Azerbaijan is on the rise. fluctuating in oil reserves and reducing its prices accrued. Then, the Republic of Azerbaijan has increased its investments in non-oil sectors. It in particular, has been doing a lot efforts for the development of the agricultural sector. It is due to the country’s growing demand for agricultural products.


All kinds of tomato paste with different sizes and brands are currently available. One can use any of these brands to Imports tomato paste in good quality. Also, the cost of many tomato paste is very good.

Imports tomato paste


Azerbaijan’s growing agriculture and industry

The Republic of Azerbaijan has significant infrastructures for identifying its economic structure. These infrastructures could facilitate economic development of the country and develop a developed country.

The land of Azerbaijan has the potential for development of agriculture, and gardener, especially in mechanized methods.

Nevertheless, the people’s present needs for food and food products such as tomato paste are so high. So , the current production capacity of the country is not enough to meet the current needs. Therefore, imports of various types of tomato paste are essential for the country.

Imports tomato paste

Types of tomato paste required in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijanis there are two major sectors of Tomato paste small-scale consumption and large-scale consumption. Small-scale consumption is for home use, that is mainly provided by canned tomato paste. In small-scale consumption section, canned tomato are used mainly from 400 to 800 grams of paste. Distributors import small canned tomato paste usually for home uses. Import tomato paste to this country can address needs to this product.

Tomato paste is needed in industrial sectors such as the food industry is dressed by the import of 220-kilogram packages of tomato paste. Some types of tomato paste available for import are as follows. Using popular tomato paste brands are so important.

The Brix index is important for defining the quality of tomato paste. This means that tomato paste with higher brix has higher concentrations. Tomato paste with higher brix has higher nutritional value. For this reason, the minimum acceptable brix to Imports tomato paste is 28% to 30%. There are tomato paste with up to 35% brix that are mostly used for food.

  • Tomato paste canned 70 to 400 grams with Brix 28 to 30 percent
  • Canned Tomato Paste 420 to 1 kg with Brix 28 to 30%
  • 2.2kilograms of canned tomato paste with Brix 28 to 30 percent
  • 3kg of canned tomato paste with Brix 28 to 30 percent
  • 4kg canned Tomato paste with Brix 28 to 30%
  • Tomato paste in barrels of 220 liters with brix of 28 to 30 percent
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