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export tomato paste in can 2.2 kg

Export tomato paste have grown steadily in recent years. Only in 2018, had more than 50% growth than the two years before. this shows an increase.Vegetable tomatoes are highly compatible with various climates. Tomato has a high climate match.

export tomato paste

The general pattern of growing tomato cultivation

Export tomato paste is increasing .also increasing cultivation is good too. one can cultivate tomatoes in different parts of the world. Tomatoes farmers can cultivate almost throughout the year. Thanks to its four seasons, this product grows on the ground and in the greenhouse all year round.

Export tomato paste is important, because About a dozen million tons of tomatoes are produced annually in the world. Of this amount, approximately 20% is dedicated for tomato paste production. Of course, this percentage varies from country to country. For advance economies and advance agriculture countries, a high percentage of manufactured products export. For example, China exports about half of its tomato paste.

Tomatoes are always among the top 10 products.  major agricultural producers in the world produce this product. people need more tomato pastes. so countries must cultivate more tomatoes.

export tomato paste


Increased demand for export tomato paste in the world

Why export tomato paste is necessary? Tomato paste  production shows an increasing trend around the world. World export of tomato paste show an uptrend. This is due to increased demand, especially in some developed countries. For this reason, over the past few years, more producers in the world have tomato paste export .Export tomato paste is increasing. we need cultivating more and more tomatoes. we need producing more and more tomato pastes.

In the remainder of this paper, there is some comparisons on the production and export of tomato paste in the world. we recommend Reading this article  for people who want to export tomato paste recently. Also, people who have experience in this field and who intend to update their information can study. this can help them in export tomato paste. Tomato is very tasty. Today’s world needs more tomatoes. We can solve the need of the world. Tomatoes are very good.

For more information on tomato paste market and its prediction, you can refer to other articles titled Tomato Paste Market on this site.

export tomato paste


Export tomato paste global statistics

Tomato paste is  one of the products produced by the processing of tomato. This plant is also one of the ingredients added to homemade foods. It also has a high demand in many parts of the world. Its as an additive in many food products. so tomato paste export is so important.

Italy, China, the United States and Spain have the largest export of tomato paste in the world. Germany, England, Japan and France are the largest importer of tomato paste in the world. The following countries have the major export of tomato paste, respectively.


  • China
  • Italy
  • America
  • Spain
  • Orange
  • Turkey
  • Chile
  • Ukraine
  • Greece


Regarding the examination of tomato export in different countries of the world, it is necessary to consider two points:

  • The statistics presented here are the only ones dedicated to the tomato paste product.
  • This is the net export earnings per country. The arrangement for tomato exporters is also based on net income.
  • This is based on net export of tomato paste. The net export represents total exports, minus total export of tomato paste.
  • For example, the Netherlands is one of the top ten largest tomato paste producers. Because tomato paste imports are also on a high scale, its net income is negative and therefore not listed here.
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