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tomato paste in bulk packing in brix: 36-38%

tomato paste in bulk packing is very popular. One of the most popular foods in the household basket is tomato paste. Tomato paste is present in almost all foods. this is used to make a delicious meal. Tomato pastes is effective in coloring it. Despite the enormous use of this product, few know about the quality.

tomato paste in bulk

How to make tomato paste bulk

what is tomato paste in bulk packing? Few knows about volume and weight of bulk tomato paste. Few knows about the various stages of the production of bulk tomato paste. This paper deals with the issue of bulk paste.

How to make bulk packed tomatoes from raw tomatoes? Many people do not know. Some people do not even know how to buy bulk paste. In this section, we plan to introduce you to bulk tomato paste. We are going to explain the different stages of this product. We will guide you in choosing and ordering bulk paste.

In general, tomato paste production lines can produce tomato paste in bulk packing.

How to make tomato paste in bulk packing? Packing in cans or glass does not take place. Bulk paste is in plastic barrels with nylon. The Brix Index of these paste is more than canned paste. brix values of bulk paste are 34 to 36 percent. This means the quality of the bulk paste is higher.

Also, the cost of these paste is much lower. tomato paste in bulk packing are in containers of 1 kg and 2 kg and 2.5 kg and 3 kg and 4.5 kg. These types are mostly for restaurants and dining. These are rarely use for home. The most common bulk paste is in barrel. Bulk paste in a barrel is packed in 220 kg paste.

tomato paste in bulk

Bulk tomato paste production line

Tomato paste production line has 4 parts: preparation, production, packaging, facilities. In production of bulk paste, packaging and machinery parts are not required. That’s why the production of this paste is cheaper.

The production of bulk tomato paste is done in several steps?

In response to this question, it should generally be noted that the production of bulk tomato paste occurs in three stages:

  • The first stage is when tomatoes are collected from agricultural land. They are then brought to the factory by trucks. Tomatoes prepare at this stage. Preparation involves washing and separating healthy tomatoes.
  • The second step is the whole process of tomato processing. This step involves the preparation of tomato paste.
  • The third stage of the tomato paste production line is related to product packaging. This step involves preparing for the market.

tomato paste in bulk

Preparation stage for tomato paste in bulk packing

tomato paste in bulk packing quality is good. Bulk paste quality greatly affects the quality of tomatoes. It also depends on the process of washing and preparing the tomatoes. Because it has a lot of volume.

This step begins by soaking them. Soaking up will cause the seeds of the agricultural land and the various materials that stick to the tomatoes. Bulk paste factories usually have special channels for this work. After soaking, it turns out to be washed away by tomatoes. This is spray wash.

Several inspectors are also present at the same time as the Sorting bar. They strip off badly-matched tomatoes. In this part, tomatoes are clean from the worms and crushed tomatoes.  Good quality tomatoes are introduced into the production line of tomato paste after washing.

tomato paste in bulk

How to order tomato paste in bulk packing

ordering tomato paste in bulk packing! Bulk tomato paste has a higher quality. That’s why you should pay attention to this when ordering. Also, the weight of the paste inside the barrels is about 235kg.

The standard brix of bulk paste is 34 to 36 percent. this may be slightly higher depending on the type of tomato and the process used. The higher the brix content of the tomato paste, the higher the quality. It also has more health and nutritional value. To order bulk paste it is enough to declare the tonnage to our sales experts. Then take advantage of his technical advice for ordering time and specification of the paste and sample presentation.

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