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Supply canned tomato paste Factory

Supply canned tomato paste is easy today. Tomato production is interesting in the world. Its affiliated industries are very active in the production of canned tomato paste. The best global brands have been created for tomato paste.

There are many factories in the world that produce tomatoes in production. Fortunately, these factories are also involved in exports.

Supply canned tomato paste


Supply canned tomato paste Specifications 

Supply canned tomato paste? Tomato paste quality production is performed by reputable factories. Accordingly, all sales centers with a search can purchase the best brands of tomato paste and with high quality and affordable price. What is the best tomato paste?

From the point of view of people, it can be different. Certainly, there are criteria for detecting good tomato paste. In this article, we have tried to provide you the best tomato paste specification.

Tomato paste is one of the most popular food ingredients in the whole world. Undoubtedly, everyone has a taste of tomato paste in his life. Everyone from tomato paste is considered as a very important meal in many home-made dishes. The best brand of tomato paste should have a lot of positive characteristics.

Supply canned tomato past

The characteristics of the best tomato paste

To Supply canned tomato paste we need information. The characteristics of the best tomato paste in the world should be as follows:

  • High quality: Good quality tomatoes and approved additives must exist for the best branded tomato paste.
  • Awesome Taste: Surely the most important feature for choosing the best tomato paste for people is its taste. Greedy greed or sweetness is not suitable. Tomatoes should have a delicate taste. The paste should have the main taste of the tomato.
  • Being healthy: In recent years, it has become slimy and healthy. Good tomato paste should have low calories. The paste should have low sugar and fat.
  • Pleasure: For every lady, the color of tomato paste is very important to give the taste of the food a nice color.
  • Density or tomato brix: Tomatoes should have a good density. Tomato paste density is determined by the Brix index. Tomato paste brix varies from 28% to 30% for homemade patches. Brix varies from 36% to 38% for bulk paste.
  • Shelf life: The durability of the paste depends on the type of packaging. It also depends on the amount of additives and the production process of the paste.

the best adhesive is glass packaging. minimal additives and the use of a suitable process to increase its shelf-life is good.

Supply canned tomato past

Tomato paste produced in factories

The tomatoes entering the major and reputable tomatoes are very important to tomato paste production.

These tomatoes are first controlled by the quality control unit in accordance with global standards. Then there are several stages of washing and sourcing.

The manufacturing process carries out by a fully automated machine. pastes are in sizes of 75 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, as well as packets of 20 kilograms and 220 kilograms of spices.

Paste weighing from 1 to 5 kilograms in restaurants and dining rooms. There are up to 220kg of paste in the food and export industries.

The minimum acceptable brix for tomato paste is 28%. The paste with brix is less waterproof and less quality. Low-purified pastes have a low shelf-life. Because they have a lot of water.

The most important tomato production factories in the world

The most important paste manufacturing plants in the world are Spanish, American and Chinese.

Italians and French have also succeeded in this. The United States and China and Spain have the largest production and exports of tomato paste to the whole world and Europe. To order paste in bulk and pack it is enough to visit our sales experts to introduce the best brand and the best quality in your package.

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