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wholesale market import tomato past

market import tomato past is available. Our subject is tomato paste. The tomato paste produced in factories preserves the quality of food and the appearance of the paste. This is due to the controlled production process of paste. For this reason, in this paper, we will discuss the properties of industrial paste and the advantages of producing paste from factories. But we need to get information about tomato properties first.

market import tomato past

market import tomato past and tomato paste Properties

tomato paste properties in market import tomato past? Tomatoes have different minerals. These materials include: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, a little iron, copper and zinc. This fruit controls blood clogs. As a result, the system increases resistance to diseases like diabetes and strengthens the nervous system and the brain.

Tomatoes reduce the risk of stroke. Because lycopene in this fruit reduces the oxidation of fats. This oxidation forms vascular plaque.

Tomatoes contain many vitamins. This includes vitamins E, B6, B3, C, A and K.

Among these vitamins, vitamin C plays a major role in protecting cells and also reduces the effects of free radicals and pollutants.

Women who eat tomatoes in their diet are less likely to get sick. Compared with other women, they are 45% less likely to have kidney cancer.

market import tomato past

The difference between the paste supplied at the factory and the homemade paste

But what’s the difference between industrial and domestic rubbish? Can tomato paste be considered as a high-value food product? market import tomato past are very developed these days.

Tomato is a valuable fruit that was first recognized in America. The fruit is premature before it reaches its age and contains a toxic substance called sulanin. The use of this substance is risky. This fruit is red and juicy after it arrives. Then it lacks solanine and can be used. In fact, an antioxidant called “lycopene” is responsible for creating red in tomatoes. It can fight radicals in the body. Materials that cause cancer and heart disease and early aging. The baking process is carried out at a lower temperature. With this, more nutritional value is maintained. Durability and durability of the paste increases. Preventing the use of spoiled spells. So the health of the paste increases.

Usually lycopene tomatoes have the most impact when it is slightly heated. In this way, its important capabilities and absorption in the body increase. Therefore, tomato paste is a good option in this regard.

market import tomato past

The industrial process of tomato paste production

But the remarkable point is that tomatoes are exposed to the thermal process. So much heat can reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals found in it. The amount of vitamins based on the thermal process is likely to decrease from 5 to 40%. This is a much higher waste of nutrients in a home-based home. Therefore, tomato paste is of higher quality and nutritional value. one needs market import tomato past to order best tomato pastes.

Taking tomatoes for a long time will reduce the value and quality of the paste. This could be another cause of nutrient drops and pectin materials.

Compounds of tomato paste

Tomato paste was first produced in Italian homes and factories. The Italians used it to flavor their pasta. With a different and new taste, they decided to make tomato juice. In this way, Sicily and other cities in southern Italy became tomato paste kindergartens.

Mediterranean countries are now the forefront of tomato paste production and consumption in the world. Maybe it’s interesting to know. Most Mediterranean residents prefer not to consume tomato paste. That is, it combines it with materials such as olive oil and a variety of fresh vegetables. This will give them a delicious flavor. They usually do not fry pastry and they like to taste their own tongue under their tongue.

Therefore, industrial tomato paste should have gourmet flavor. Also, the minimum amount of oil and salt and additive has been added to it.




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