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fresh brix 28-30% canned tomato paste

fresh tomato paste is the key to cheering your food. This paste is produced in one of the best specialized companies and is very high quality. Other desirable features of this product are its higher durability. there should be a constant member in your refrigerator. Tomato paste can give the food a unique color and flavor. Or it can make the color black and taste it unfavorable.

fresh tomato paste

Why fresh canned tomato is important

fresh tomato paste is necessary. pay more attention to choosing tomato sauce.this way, you can prepare a dish. Tomato paste with high brix is very high. The amount of solid material in this paste is much higher. In fact, like any other paste, this paste is a combination of tomatoes and salt. tomato paste has an energy of 45.89 kcal per 100 grams. For every 100 grams it contains 3.7 grams of protein, 0.33 grams of fat and 7.13 grams of carbohydrates. Fresh tomato past have all of these.

Tomato paste producer companies have always strived to maintain maximum beneficial properties of tomato paste. Especially lycopene (red pigment) and other existing antioxidants. In this way, they offer a healthy, well-groomed, cheesy product. Organic tomato paste free from any heavy metals is a priority purchase for each buyer. This paste is a good supplement for your stews and foods.

fresh tomato paste

Preparation method for fresh tomato paste with berries 28 to 30%

One knows fresh tomato past is so popular. Tomatoes paste need fresh tomatoes and all the raw materials prepare on arrival at the factory. All stages of tomato preparation are as follows.

  • Washing
  • Watering
  • Heating and condensation
  • Primary quality control
  • Packing
  • Pasteurization
  • Final quality control
  • Storage

In the quality control unit all of these operations are under the control and supervision of experts . In tomato paste verifying, equipped labs, all microbial, physical and chemical tests are used.  factories do all these things with care in order to produce a product of high quality for dear consumers. It is safe from the health of the product. They then provide the sales unit for sale to the market.

fresh tomato paste

Effect of Fresh tomato paste lycopene on health

There are various levels of micro nutrients in tomato.

Scientists are looking to see which types of tomatoes have more antioxidant effects. Or, in which case, the antioxidant effects will be greater.

Researchers believe that the effects of lycopene are important in preventing and destroying cancer cells in the body. beside this, Destroying cancer effect varies in different tomato products. Fresh tomato past is so healthy.

Scientists have found that tomato paste has an anticancer effect. Compared with raw tomatoes, it has a greater effect on antioxidant power. Because cooking tomatoes causes the removal of the walls of cells and tissues. This will release more lycopene substance.

The researchers found laboratory testing that lycopene significantly reduced the proliferation of cancer cells.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that the conditions and health principles should be strictly observed in tomato paste. This way, its positive effects appear.

fresh tomato paste

Fresh tomato paste and iron and lycopene

Tomato intake increases the absorption of iron in plant foods. The iron in plants is not well absorbed by the body. The presence of vitamin C in tomatoes results in the absorption of iron from plant material. For this reason, it is recommended that people use raw tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C in their diet.

Continuous consumption of tomatoes is effective in preventing heart attacks. Studies have shown that lycopene in tomatoes prevents bad cholesterol. It also prevents fat cells from forming in the arteries. This prevents heart attacks.

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