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exportation tin tomato paste in 800 kg

exportation tin tomato paste is a product of the concentration of tomato juice. It is essential to maintain long processes and add salt to it. Tomato paste is available in various packages. These packages are metal or non-metallic. In the area of food, tomato  paste is a strategic product, and almost no food can be imagined without it. Therefore, its export is increasing.

exportation tin tomato past

exportation tin tomato past in 800 kg

exportation tin tomato past is important. Export means sending goods or shipments to countries outside the country (and to other countries). So that they use this commodity and call it the reverse import. Exporting and importing goods helps to grow the global economy. This also promotes the development of global markets. Each country has certain advantages in terms of resources and skills.

For example, some countries are rich in natural resources. Such as fossil fuels, fertile soils and so on. While some countries have rich agricultural resources. These include tomato producers. Countries like China, America and Spain are among the largest tomato paste exporters. exportation tin tomato past  is a opportunity for them. They offer a variety of grades of bricks in a variety of packaging and types of qualities.

Therefore, it can be said that countries are looking for the right product for sale based on market size and market growth. Then, given the weather conditions and legislative conditions, they are planting and exporting products such as tomatoes and tomato paste.

exportation tin tomato past

The situation of tomato paste production and export

The largest exporters of tomato paste in the world are Italy, China, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey. These countries are considered to be serious rivals in the export of this product.

China is the first to produce this product in 2016 with the export of $ 740 million tomato paste. The US is ranked second with $ 706 million. Spain exports $ 372 million worth of tomato paste per year. So it ranks third.

Why exportation tin tomato past is crucial? The largest importers of tomato paste in the world are Germany, England, Japan and France. In Europe, France, Germany and the UK are importers. Then, Eastern European countries are the largest importer of tomato paste. In Asia, Japan and the developing countries of South-East Asia, and in the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf countries are the largest importers of paste.

Tomato paste also exports to these countries are mainly carried out through international markets. In this way, exporting countries are trying to export their best products to buyer countries.

exportation tin tomato past

exportation tin tomato past problems

It also increases the price of raw materials and shipping costs. The cost of the paste should be low in the country of origin. At present, the price per ton of paste in the global market is between $ 900 and $ 1,300. China can produce cheap paste using cheap labor.

The quality of Chinese tomato paste also is at an acceptable level. However, people who want high-quality paste should go to European and American brands.

Tomatoes harvested in the Middle East are the best tomato cultivars to produce paste. Generally, tomato paste companies are keen to supply their own raw materials.

Tomato paste manufacturers also have to use new technologies for production and packaging. With this, international markets can compete with other competitors.

exportation tin tomato past

Properties of Tomato Paste for Skin

exportation tin tomato past have many advantages. The use of cooked tomatoes increases the ability of the body to counter ultraviolet rays of the sun. The use of a paste like a sunscreen protects the skin. People who suffer from skin burns can increase the body’s ability to repair these burns by using tomato paste.

Tomato paste may also be effective in making skin refreshing. Eating paste prevents wrinkles on the skin. Studies have shown that effective antioxidants in tomatoes called lycopene are harder to absorb raw material. Cooking makes it easier for the body to absorb it.

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