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tomato paste tin seller central

Among the agricultural products is “Tomato”. The production of its industrial products has expanded rapidly. certainly Tomatoes exist fresh in large quantities. This plant is on the vegetable list. as a result It exists also as a canned paste.

The United States, Canada and Portugal each make up 80 percent of their fresh crop. as a result Tomato paste has a lot of consumption among tomato products. furthermore It is used in most homes. Paste is also available in restaurants and dining rooms.  therefore In this paper some features of tomato paste are expressed.

tomato paste tin


tomato paste tin seller central

certainly tomato paste tin seller says about tomato. it is a tomato plant product. The species Lycopersicum escuentum P.mil is from the Solanaceae family. certainly Herb is one year old. This plant Has many branches. Its height is about one meter. Its origins are Mexico, South America and Central.

Three important definitions in tomato paste industry

There are three important definitions in tomato paste industry. These three definitions are as follows.

  • Tomato juice

In other words, the water obtained from crushing tomatoes. first of all, they wash tomatoes. Then, remove the broken tomatoes. after that, dewatering and finally several stages of smoothing are done.

  • Tomato paste

Its Concentrated tomato juices. certainly The heating is achieved to reach the desired concentration. They do this in the vacuum inside the system.

  • Canning

Tomato paste is packed in different containers.certainly The coating is made in special and impenetrable conditions. The thermal process is performed to eliminate the microorganism. Paste is packaged in a variety of metal, glass and flexible multi-layer containers. tomato paste tin seller have all kind of packaging.

tomato paste tin

Unacceptable factors in the production of canned tomato paste

Factors that can reduce the quality of cans. This is in keeping with the standard features of the paste. This includes the following.

  • Insects, eggs, larvae and pupae or its parts inside the product
  • Mineral impurities (sand, mud, etc.)
  • Any materials not allowed to form raw materials
  • Materials that are added to hide defects and bugs.

tomato paste tin

Ingredients in tomato paste tin seller

Below are some ingredients in 100 grams of tomato paste.

  • Energy (kcal) 76
  • Water (g) 8/74
  • Protein (g) 5
  • Carbohydrate (g) 2/14
  • Total sugar (g) 1/14
  • Total fat (g) 0.3%
  • Vitamin A (micro-gram) 108
  • similarly E (mg) 37/5
  • similarly C (mg) 10
  • Equivalent Carotenes (micro-gram) 650
  • Calcium (mg) 35
  • P (mg) 94
  • Iron (mg) 4/1
  • Sodium (mg) 240
  • Potassium (mg) 1200

tomato paste tin

Standard features of tomato paste tin seller

Appearance features are with three sensations of taste, smell and vision. These properties should be as follows.

  • The paste is in red tomatoes
  • Paste is free of foreign smell. Has a special smell of tomatoes
  • The paste is free of burns. Has a special flavor
  • The paste has a suitable appearance. Has a smooth texture
  • The paste has no residue of grain, skin and black spots.
  • The appearance of the can of the paste is healthy and without blemishes. No leak and rust
  • The appearance of the glass is healthy and free of cracks and fractures

The appearance of the laminate packets is healthy. its free of leaks and swelling

tomato paste tin

Packing of tomato paste

tomato paste tin seller have almost all containers. even more You can use metal containers to pack tomato paste. Glass containers are available. Layered flexible packaging can also available. For example, bags and barrels for specialty packaging exist. This is in accordance with international standards. Packs of over 5kg are not common. This is available obtaining permission from the legal authorities of the country of manufacture.

Standard markings for the production of canned Tomato paste

Insert the following in clear and legible form. In the language of the country of production or English. Or in the language of the buyer.

  • Name and type of product
  • product phrase ….
  • Trademark of the manufacturer
  • Net weight in grams
  • Production date and expiration date, month and year
  • Construction Series
  • License number of manufacturing organization of the country of manufacture
  • Manufacturer name and address
  • Concentration in degrees of brix
  • salt percentage
  • Composite materials



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