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Tomato Paste Double Concentrated 28/30 brix (410g)

Why are some Tomato Tomatoes Sourced? But some are red are pale? Is it true that the more juice the red is, the more its nutritional value is? Do producers add preservatives to tomato paste? Canned tomatoes are better or paste? Are pastes with a double condensation better? Is the high grade of brix suitable for paste? In this article, we are talking about high-brix paste.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated are better

Tomato paste is a product of the concentration of tomato juice. It has a variety of shapes. it includes canned tomato paste. Tomato Sauce Paste is also available on the market.

The quality of tomato paste is determined by various parameters. Quality is measured by the appearance parameters. it includes color and taste. physical and chemical parameters are also important.

One of the most important physical parameters is Brix. This factor is for assessing the quality of the paste. High brix paste has more taste and color.  Tomato Paste Double Concentrated has high brix.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated brix

Concentration index is tomato paste brix. This index actually indicates the concentration of tomato paste. In fact, the higher brix, the thicker the paste.

The paste with higher brix is more durable. It is also more affordable for the consumer. Although it may be slightly cost more.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated brix standards

What standards say? The International Standard Organization, has standard for tomato paste. this standard, sets out the recommendations for parameters of tomato paste.

According to this standard, the number 25 is the minimum acceptable for brix. The World Health Organization has also published a standard for bulk Tomato Paste. This standard specifies some parameters for the bulk tomato paste. Including color, flavor and pH. There are Tomato Paste Double Concentrated in 410-gr cans. You can easily order them.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated

Each red tomato paste is not a natural one

Tomato has many types. there are tomatoes into round and pear-shaped groups. Round tomatoes are usually watery. they are red, without kernel and tasteful. But pear-shaped tomatoes are tufted, colorless, and immature. In some season, round tomatoes are available. The manufacturer makes a good paste of it. But they may use pear-shaped tomatoes.

In this case, the color is bright. the taste is not so pleasant. This indicates low quality or premature tomatoes. If they use unripe tomatoes prematurely, the toxicity of solanine is high.

they control the amount of this poison in industrial paste. But some unauthorized manufacturers use synthetic paints to paint the paste. This product is tasteless. This is one of the criteria for detecting it’s fake.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated

The paste is low in vitamin, but it is anticancer

Lycopene is an antioxidant and anticancer combination. It reduces heart disease and early aging.

Also responsible for creating red color in tomatoes. Usually this pigment is  during the paste process. Then it gets the most impact. Its absorption capacity rises in the body. But vitamin C and folic acid largely degrade. Its due to the heat. As a result, lycopene and anticancer properties of the paste increase. But its vitamins are less than fresh tomatoes. The better color has more antioxidant properties. Tomato Paste Double Concentrated has all this benefit.

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