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Tinned Tomato Paste 4.5kg Suppliers

Tinned Tomato Paste are popular and necessary. Tomato paste is processed tomato. This paste is in cooking. after removing grains and peanuts, to make tomato paste, tomatoes press for several hours. They then lower the concentration. Then they re-heat the product to get a rich concentrate. In front of it, tomato contains other tomato products. The best nutritional and nutritional value is tomato paste.

There are two local and greenhouse tomatoes available in the market, both of which can be local and greenhouse tomatoes. each with some advantages and disadvantages.

Local tomatoes have less paste. Natural tomatoes do not make the paste corrupted, and improve its durability. Greenhouse tomatoes are more expensive. But the greenhouse type makes more paste. Usually, 10 to 15 kilograms of paste are obtained per 100 kg of juicy tomato.

tinned tomato paste

What are the ingredients of tinned Tomato Paste

Do you know what are the ingredients of tinned tomato paste? how much potato paste are consumed in a few months? The general compositions of tomato paste are like tomatoes. like household and natural ones. That is, according to the standard.

The tomato paste is a mixture of tomatoes, salt, oil and a little additive. In some untrue brands, pumpkin and onions can be found in tomato paste analysis.

On the other hand, we have less than 2% salt. At the same time, there are additives and preservatives. This material will keep the industrial tomato paste intact for about 18 months.

Some factories also claim to produce a variety of organic tomato paste. There is no preservative or chemical in them.

However, the compounds of tomato paste are not very diverse. Perhaps the distinction is only in the concentration of tomato paste. In that case, the heating of the tomato juice is effective.

tinned tomato paste

The need to use tomato paste

Tinned tomato paste are to help us to make foods. Population growth has increased the need for all food products. Tomato paste is a very important early food ingredient. This food is important in home-grown foods and in restaurants. Also, paste is widely in food production plants.

Annual agricultural products are more expensive. Production costs are also rising. Therefore, production of the product is necessary with longer shelf life. The durable product also keeps the customer’s money.

There is less food in which the paste is not. Paste is sometimes as a sauce for food. Or is to produce some sauces. Therefore, industrial paste is superior in terms of both price and quality. And even the use of industrial paste is necessary.

tinned tomato paste

The necessity of production and use of industrial paste

Sodium benzoate is carcinogenic and is not  in most of the reputable factories of this additive.

Apart from the presence of sodium benzoate in unauthorized home poisons, there is another substance called altemerid in these traces.

When the home made tomato paste are at home, this poison  produces. It is not a trace of this poison in a factory. Because the factories use vacuum-heated. The paste also provide at temperature of 70 ° C.

Generally, factories are under control. The paste produced is under control by the regulatory authorities. No unauthorized additives are in tomato paste.

In general, it is recommended that the consumer culture be promoted. people should use products that are licensed, licensed, licensed, and manufactured. The system should also be self-observing. That is, people do not buy products that are not credible. tinned tomato paste are the most used industrial product.

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