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Major production of tomato paste Asian- sold by producers

Do you know the best Major production of tomato paste Asian– sold by producers company? Do you know the latest price of tomato paste in 2023? Contact our experienced sales specialist for more information.

Major production of tomato paste
Major production of tomato paste

Major production of tomato paste

  • Tomatoes are harvested on the agricultural land with the pain and labor of farmers and are mainly offered in sales centers.
    This valuable product is an inseparable part of cooking and its wonderful aroma, taste and color has been a constant seasoning of food.
  • Among all summer vegetables, tomato is without a doubt one of the most consumed, which is abundantly produced and cultivated in our country by God’s grace, and in addition to meeting domestic needs, it is sent to other parts of the world.
  • Due to the wide use of this product and its high demand, tomato cultivation is not limited to a specific time and is produced on the ground during the growing season or in a greenhouse during the off-season.
  • According to the climatic conditions of Iran, the production of tomatoes in the country is very extensive; Therefore, the products that are processed from tomatoes, such as tomato paste, are produced in a large volume and are offered in domestic and foreign markets.
  • The expansion of production and export of this product has made Iran rank sixth in the world and earn good currency from this product.

Buy organic tomato paste

  • Buying sun tomato paste requires paying attention to some points in order to prepare a high-quality product.
    The freshness and quality of the dried tomatoes in this product will have a significant impact on the quality of the final product, so it is better to pay enough attention to this factor when buying.
  • The healthiness of the product was also taken into account when buying it.
    Make sure that there are no food colors in the material, because the presence of too many color additives, in addition to its artificial color, will not produce good results in the taste of the food.
  • What are the benefits of tomato paste? Good for the heart and skin.
    What are the types of tomato paste? There are two types, domestic and industrial
Major production of tomato paste
Major production of tomato paste

Selling tomato paste by producers

  1. The price of natural tomato paste changes according to the presence or absence of some features in them.
    From the series of major characteristics and indicators affecting the final price of this product, we can mention the type of tomatoes used, the purity of the product and the amount of paste purchased.
  2. The final price that must be paid for the purchase of such pastes in different quantities, since various factors are effective in determining the price of tomato paste, so you should know that the price may change constantly.
  3. If you have any questions about the specifications and type of raw materials of the product, it is enough to contact us and our consultants through the contact numbers.

Asian tomato paste export

  • From the characteristics of tomatoes on agricultural land, we can mention the freshness and extraordinary freshness of this product.
    Fresh tomatoes, which are harvested from the ground, have the highest nutritional value, and consuming them can bring a huge amount of vitamins and minerals into the body.
  • The tomato from the agricultural land has a beautiful red color and has a smooth skin that is free of any stains, darkness and scratches.
    Its texture, unlike tomatoes left in bad conditions, is not loose and is completely firm and meaty, it has a pleasant aroma and its taste is sweet and mild.
  • Buying tomatoes on agricultural land is definitely a double pleasure and can reduce costs and bring economic savings for consumers.
    Tomatoes are usually bought from the ground in bulk, by factories that produce tomato paste and concentrate, as well as sellers of this product.
  • In general, when buying tomatoes, looking into its appearance, including color, skin, texture, storage conditions, and product size, will ensure the quality of tomatoes.

Therefore, the tomato paste obtained from fresh tomatoes without intermediaries can be of high quality and at a cheap price for foreign buyers.

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