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Top seller of organic tomato paste aseptic in Asia


Various brands in Asia are also active in the production of various types of tomato paste. But do you think they are all the same in terms of paste quality? The answer is no. The most important point in recognizing quality is the name of the brand that offers the product, in fact, the brand itself indicates the quality. You can contact us to buy the Top seller of organic tomato paste aseptic in Asia.

Top seller of organic tomato paste

Top seller of organic tomato paste

  • If you want to make your purchase from the Top seller of organic tomato paste aseptic in Asia. It must first be about aymaz brand is a quality and well-known brand.
  • They never give paste or other low quality products to the customer. To buy from a quality manufacturer brand, please contact our experienced consultant.

Properties of natural and organic tomato paste

  1. Organic Tomato Paste is the first natural tomato paste made from organic tomatoes (without toxins and chemical fertilizers) and has been produced in the workshop in the traditional way. Also, this natural tomato paste does not contain any preservatives or unauthorized additives. Another advantage of  natural tomato paste is that, unlike many home-made tomato paste, it is prepared in completely standard and hygienic conditions and has a healthy apple. Also, due to proper cooking and packaging in vacuum conditions, the shelf life and taste of organic tomato paste is excellent. From now on, you can safely use this natural and healthy tomato paste in your meals.
  2. This paste is one of the most important foods that you should have in the kitchen. In addition to the fact that natural tomato paste  has the color and freshness of fresh tomatoes, all the properties of fresh tomatoes are present in this paste. Just one tablespoon of natural  tomato paste is a great source of antioxidants and can provide 3 to 6 percent of your daily requirement of iron, potassium and B vitamins. In general, it can be said that not only the healing properties of organic tomato paste are not less than the healing properties of tomatoes, but in some cases even more.
  3. The difference between organic tomatoes and industrial tomatoes: Organic tomatoes, although smaller in size than industrial tomatoes, are nutritionally richer than farmed tomatoes. One of the most famous nutrients in tomatoes is lycopene, which creates the red color of tomatoes. Lycopene is a vital antioxidant that has anti-cancer activity. This compound is not made naturally in your body and you should get it from your diet. The natural amount of lycopene in organic tomatoes is higher than other fruits and vegetables, and it is noteworthy that unlike other raw foods in which more heat destroys the nutritional value in them, in tomatoes the bioavailability of lycopene Increases during cooking.
  4. According to recent studies, tomatoes grown to organic standards contain significantly higher phenols than tomatoes grown with agricultural chemicals. Organic tomatoes contain 55% more vitamin C and 139% higher phenols compared to grown tomatoes, and also have higher alanine aminolysis activity.
Top seller of organic tomato paste

Wholesale price of tomato paste

  • The wholesale price of 800 g tomato paste varies according to its quality and brand. One of the most reputable brands of tomato paste is the Aymaz brand.
    There are cans of different types in different packages of tomato paste. Which most factories produce.
  • Tomato paste in Italy weighs more than 800 grams for most cans. The lids of these cans are both keyed and simple, but easy-to-open models are much more popular in the market. The tomato paste in the can for the inside should have at least a briquette equal to 27, and finally, 2% salt.
  • But when it comes to bulk purchases from different brands, it ‘s best to get them in BRICS food labs. Accordingly, the selling prices of pastes are different. As a result, you should not be tempted to go cheap or complain about expensive prices. Therefore, make your purchase in person from the top seller of tomato paste.
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