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Special sale of aseptic tomato paste homemade quality in Europe

Tomato paste for sale in Europe has a completely natural and colorful color, and with extraordinary quality in the packaging of cans with plastic lids, and easy-opening lids or the same as Easy Open. Just keep in touch with our collection. In addition to the Special sale of aseptic tomato paste homemade quality in Europe, you can have a free consultation about the desired product.

Special sale of aseptic tomato paste

Where can we get quality tomato paste?

  • Our collection, having offices all over the world and also sending all kinds of tomato paste, to all parts of the world, is one of the largest collections, specializing in selling tomato paste.
  • Our specialty is only in selling tomato paste. You just need to connect with the collection. And order your product in the shortest possible time.
  • Our collection is proud with several years of experience, as well as having a variety of products in the sale of tomato paste, one of the top collections to be a specialized supply of tomato paste online.

Difference between the nutritional value of home and industrial tomato paste

  1. Tomato is a valuable fruit that was first recognized in the United States. This fruit is immature before ripening and contains a toxic substance called “solanine”, which is dangerous to consume. Once ripe, the fruit turns red and juicy, lacks solanine and can be eaten. In fact, an antioxidant called lycopene is responsible for the red color of tomatoes. It can fight the radicals in the body that can cause cancer, heart disease and premature aging.
  2. Tomato lycopene is usually the most effective temporal. Which is slightly warmed to increase its important capabilities and absorption in the body. So tomato paste is a good option in this regard. But the remarkable thing is that when a tomato is exposed to the heat process, in addition to being so-called cooked, the high heat reduces the vitamins and minerals in it, so that the amount of vitamins is possible based on the heat process. Reduce from 5 to 40% that this loss of nutrients in the home method is much greater due to the use of direct and uncontrolled heat.
  3. Storing tomatoes long before the process can also be another cause of nutrient and pectin depletion, but instead is the advantage of homemade pastes. Which does not use additives or preservatives.
  4. There are usually many types of tomatoes. But those that are used to make paste. They are divided into 2 groups of round and pear-shaped.
Special sale of aseptic tomato paste

Special sale of aseptic tomato paste

  • Rome is one of the metropolises of Italy. There are many wholesalers in Italy’s largest market. You can buy your desired products by attending this center.
  • But our suggestion is to buy online without visiting this metropolis. You can experience an easy and direct purchase from the factory door to avoid spending extra money.

If you are anywhere in the world. And you intend to trade and buy tomato paste, as well as the bulk sale and supply of these products in stores. You do not need long and tedious searches in the canned food market. And there is no need to worry about you because we are by your side. If you want to know the latest prices and types of tomato paste products in the largest manufacturers. First, read the contents of the site carefully. Then to get more information about the latest prices, and special discounts such as Black Friday discount at the end of the year, as well as to get acquainted with the types of tomato paste and how to send it, you can contact our experienced expert through communication channels, which at the end We mention get in touch. Because the Special sale of aseptic tomato paste will start soon.

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