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Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38 in Europ


Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38 in Europe through our trading company. Ask for tomato paste in barrel packages from Aymaz company.

Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste

Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste

Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste in different types. Here are some of them:

  • Brix, which is between 36-37.
  • Use of barrels suitable for export
  • Use new and second hand barrels
  • Use ordinary barrels for domestic use

It should be noted that aseptic tomato paste has a long shelf life even without the need for refrigeration. Most factories use this type of paste to prepare tomato sauce. To buy aseptic barrel tomato paste, contact our collection.

What is Aseptic Tomato Paste?

All factories in the country are producing tomato paste. They can also easily produce and sell aseptic paste. Now you may be wondering what is aseptic tomato paste? And what is its use? And also what is the difference with other pastes on the market?

  1. A type of packaging for tomato paste is called aseptic. As you know, aseptic tomato paste has attracted the attention of many exporters of this product due to its packaging.
  2. And the same kind of packaging makes tomato paste. To have more durability in the open space and outside the refrigerator. We can boldly say that it is the best type of aseptic packaging.
  3. For this reason, tomato paste with aseptic packaging has become very popular among traders and bankers, both for domestic and export consumption.
  4. In general, aseptic paste is the same concentrated water of first-class tomatoes that has no side preservatives or additional additives. The 230 kg barrels are blue, which is very firm and their body will not be damaged.
  5. Tomato paste is poured into sterilized and disinfected plastics and is hygienically healthy. Then the lid is sealed to allow any activity to prevent pathogens such as fungi.


  6. In short, aseptic paste ingredients include premium greenhouse tomatoes that are oval, fleshy and juicy, and are completely red in color. After passing through disinfection ponds and separating defective species, they enter the next stages and after preparation, they are transferred to aseptic barrels.
Sale drum of aseptic tomato paste

Price of Brix 36_38 bulk tomato paste in Europe

  • The price of bulk tomato paste is calculated based on each brix. And usually due to the increase or decrease in tomato production at a reasonable price for each brix is ​​in bulk or aseptic.
  • There are many customers abroad. Who need to buy bulk paste to do their job.
    It is very important for them to know the selling price of bulk tomato paste.
    Therefore, they are looking for a center to provide tomato paste in bulk and in large quantities all year round. Through our site, our brand provides all the necessary customer information to you dear ones.

The difference between bulk and aseptic tomato paste

The difference between bulk paste and aseptic export tomato paste is in the following cases:

  1. Bulk samples must be stored in the refrigerator,
  2. But this is not necessary for all types of aseptic.
  3. Each spit weighs 230 kg and the paste is produced;
  4. They are filled in completely hygienic and sterilized nylons
  5. And after complete closure, it is placed in these barrels and their lids are sealed.
  6. And are loaded for export abroad.
    It should be noted that in addition to exporting tomato paste for other foods, aseptic is also used. To buy or register an order or get more information, you can contact our experienced consultants in this field.
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