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Prices of type aseptic tomato paste in Africa


The Prices of type aseptic tomato paste in Africa compared to other products in the form of glass cans or cans. They are more expensive because more tomatoes are used to make it.

type aseptic tomato paste

the type aseptic tomato paste first-class

To get acquainted with different the type aseptic tomato paste first-class , first get acquainted with its definition. Then we will deal with its types:
What is Aseptic Tomato Paste?
Tomato is a thick paste that is used in food. The provider of aseptic tomato paste has been very extensive. And it is available all over the country and is one of the best pastes that it has today because of its features. At the top of the food table is aseptic tomato paste.
Glass or metal containers of the paste must be stored in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage. But in aseptic samples, which are mostly commercial, they can be easily placed outdoors for long periods of time. And there will be no problem for the product. This group has been selling major aseptic tomato paste for many years. And during this time, it adds more people to its fan base on a daily basis.
Tomato paste that is packaged in metal cans and glass and plastic containers. They need the product after opening the seal. To be stored in the refrigerator to be protected from pests. But in the case of aseptic samples, this issue is completely resolved. And the desired product can be stored in the open air without the slightest problem.
Aseptic paste is mostly prepared for export. And significantly reduces the final cost. Greenhouse tomatoes are used in the manufacture of this category of products. Which gives more paste and does not damage its tissue in the long run.
Put sterilized plastic in 230 liter barrels. And the final product is poured into them. The barrel lid is sealed and can be exported to different countries.
All hygienic items are fully observed when making aseptic tomato paste. And the rules of the standard organization are applied in their production. The skin of the tomatoes is separated with the help of fine mesh filters so that it does not feel bitter.
Vacuum pressure causes the final product to have a lighter color. And the amino acids and vitamins contained in it are fully preserved. The high concentration of the product helps to cook different foods in smaller quantities.

A variety of aseptic tomato paste

Aseptic tomato paste is one of the types of tomato paste. Most of the centers that are engaged in the production of various types of food, are big fans of its pills. From this it can be concluded that the market for the sale of aseptic tomato paste always faces many applicants.
There are many types of tomato paste. One of the types of tomato color is aseptic tomato paste. نوع This type of paste also has different types. Different packages are used in aseptic paste packaging. And it is available in various sizes and sizes in the markets. One of the types of septic paste is Brix 36_38 with barrels ‌. Another type is in bulk, can aseptic paste, high tonnage aseptic paste.
Aseptic packaging, which is considered for paste these days, is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging. Of course, in addition to tomato paste, other perishable foods can also be provided with this package. Bulk samples must be refrigerated, but for aseptic types there is no need for this. On the other hand, the export of aseptic tomato paste has caused it to attract more foreign customers every day.

type aseptic tomato paste

Prices of tomato paste in Africa

The price of aseptic tomato paste is higher than other types of packaging of this product. Because more tomatoes are used. Here is how to pack aseptic tomato paste:
How to pack aseptic tomato paste
As you know, tomato paste is one of the main ingredients in most Iranian dishes. And for this reason, centers that are active in the field of cooking and preparing a variety of Iranian food. They need a lot of this product. Therefore, they prefer to produce these products in bulk and in large quantities. Because the bulk purchase of tomato paste causes this product to be provided to the consumer at a more reasonable price than packaged and single samples. In addition to this, as you know, tomato paste is offered in various packages. Manufacturers of tomato paste have used aseptic packaging to supply bulk tomato paste in bulk to meet the needs of major buyers of this product. Aseptic paste packaging has unique features. Which has made many buyers a big fan of the pill. For example, this packaging can create conditions for the paste. There is no need for refrigerator temperature anymore. And tomato paste can stay healthy inside and outside this package for a long time. Another positive feature of aseptic packaging is this. This type of packaging can hold a large volume of paste. This high volume is also one of the purchase goals of the main applicants of this product.

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