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aseptic tomato paste store major in Africa

aseptic tomato paste store major in Africa ​sells a significant portion of its products in bulk. The sale of colorful tomato paste is done by distribution centers with unique quality and in various packages. Tomato paste is one of the most widely used and widely used food condiments. It is used in most Asian and African foods and has a very high sales market in countries.


Aseptic Tomato Paste Store

In this section, we first explain about aseptic. To buy these products, you can visit the Aseptic Tomato Paste Store:

  • In general, aseptic paste is the same concentrated water of first-class tomatoes, which has no side preservatives or additional additives. The 230 kg barrels are blue, which is very sturdy and their body will not be damaged.
  • Tomato paste is poured into sterilized and disinfected plastics and is hygienically healthy. Then the lid is sealed to allow any activity to prevent pathogens such as fungi.
  • In short, aseptic paste ingredients include premium greenhouse tomatoes that are oval, fleshy and juicy, and are completely red in color. After passing through disinfection ponds and separating defective species, they enter the next stages and after preparation, they are transferred to aseptic barrels.
  • The amount of salt added to the paste is very low so that the product retains its original taste and shows a long life. Many companies under different brands produce and supply this product throughout the country and also in the field of export to other countries. They are neighbors.
  • The above description is very clear and principled. The aseptic process is in fact a fully sterilized area in which everything in that area is immune to any contamination. The aseptic zone should be such that even the environment and space are sterile.
  • As we said, after initial heating and production, the product enters the aseptic range. The product is cooled in this range and inside the aseptic filling machine. All piping and pipes in this aseptic area must be sterilized. Aseptic packaging, which itself consists of sterilization bags, enters the production process and the product is packaged in them.
    Aseptic knowledge is one of the important technologies in the pharmaceutical, food and health industries. Knowing all the details and conditions that an aseptic product should have is an important principle in food exports that food exporters should consider.
  • Keep in mind that any food that wants to travel long distances and does not have storage space in the refrigerator must use the aseptic process. Paste exporters need the knowledge and technology of aseptic paste for their export and there is no other way for exchanges with neighboring countries.
Aseptic Tomato Paste Store

Major export of tomato paste from Asia to Africa

  1. Asia is very suitable for the production of tomatoes and tomato paste for export due to its very good weather conditions, and many factories in the country operate in this field with different brands. The export of this product in the global market has many applicants, because it includes hygienic and standard packaging, which has a great impact on the quality and durability of the product.
  2. The export of tomato paste is booming every year in Asian countries, because different countries want it. Trade is considered necessary and important for any country and can strengthen the economic base and increase the level of production to a very high level. Using this method, different currencies can be imported into the country and job creation can be expanded. With the great acceptance of this product by foreign consumers, many people have thought of producing it and are doing their best to produce quality samples in order to maintain their brands in global markets
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