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Buyer of aseptic tomato paste premium in Africa

Are you a Buyer of aseptic tomato paste premium in Africa? So first get acquainted with the definition and benefits of this package.

Buyer of aseptic tomato paste

First class aseptic tomato paste packaging in Africa

Today, the use of polyethylene and aseptic packaging is very common among manufacturers of various products. This type of packaging has many advantages; One of the most important properties of aseptic for use as packaging is its ability to be sterilized at high temperatures; Therefore, this material can be used for sterile packaging.

Aseptic is insulating against microbes due to its non-toxicity and good performance at low temperatures, and prevents contamination from entering the package. If you want to know more about aseptic packaging, stay tuned for the rest of this article; Because we want to fully examine aseptic.

What is aseptic packaging?
Aseptic is a type of material that has many applications in the packaging industry. Aseptic is made from polyethylene particles; These particles change through various processes to eventually become aseptic or aseptic packaging. These steps include the following:

First, polyethylene is prepared as a raw material and is in the process of deformation.
In the first step, the polyethylene is cut into thin sheets to be molded into various shapes.
Then, during the thermal sealing process, its deformation is stabilized.
The air inside the package is completely evacuated and goes to the next stage.
In completely sterile and isolated conditions, aseptic packaging is produced and sent to companies and manufacturers for use in the packaging industry.
These steps are fully described in the following sections. In the next section, we will look at the benefits of using aseptic as a packaging for various products.

Advantages of aseptic packaging
There are many benefits to using aseptic as a pack; like the:
Sterile packaging: Isolated and special conditions in aseptic production make this type of packaging one of the sterile packaging.
It is not toxic and there is no problem with its contents.
At low temperatures, it shows good performance.
Aseptic is one of the substances that have good chemical stability.
Aseptic is an electrical insulator and this feature adds to its usefulness.
Due to the above characteristics, aseptic packaging is used in products such as the following:
Aseptic raw materials and solids
In the packaging of pharmaceutical items: Sterile packaging is very important in these products.
Prepare sterile packaging for other products such as cosmetics and food
It is also suitable for temporary storage of medicines as well as chemical products.
Aseptic packaging in the food industry
In the food industry, aseptic packaging is used in two ways:
Aseptic composite of aluminum and high volume plastic (between 5 to 200 liters)
Extruded aseptic film with low volume (between 200 to 500 ml)
Aseptic can also be used in combination with cardboard; Like composite packaging containers, several paper-based materials in combination with aluminum foil make up a total of 20% of the total package weight. The advantage of this type of packaging is that it prevents liquids from leaking out of the package and also prevents germs from entering the package. For this reason, composite aseptics are used to package jams, juices, dairy products and other foods.

5 basic types of aseptic packaging lines
These 5 product lines are:
Filling and sealing the product: In this production line, a glass, metal or plastic container heated and sterilized in an aseptic environment is filled and sealed.
Packaging, filling and sealing of the product: In this production line, a roll of sterilized material in a sterile environment is filled and sealed with the desired product; Like Tetra Pack.
Installation, filling and sealing of the product: First, the desired parts are installed and disinfected in the empty parts of the package; It is then filled and sealed.
Thermoforming, filling and sealing of the product: First, the desired packaging is formed with the help of thermoforming; It is then filled and sealed; Such as aseptic cream packaging or plastic soup packaging
Pneumatic molding, filling and sealing of the product: In this method, the desired packaging is formed by the pneumatic method and the product is filled. Eventually the sealed product will be taken off the production line.

Buyer of aseptic tomato paste

Buyer of aseptic tomato paste

As in the previous section, you were introduced to the definition and method of aseptic packaging. The best option for transporting these foods is fasher. This is because a lot of time is needed during export and import. It is better to use this type. If you are a buyer of aseptic tomato paste, you can contact us for more information.

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