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Export of tomato paste produced aseptic to Africa

To get acquainted with how to Export of tomato paste produced aseptic to Africa First, we refer to the production stages of this type of packaging. Then contact our expert to order and receive the price.

Export of tomato paste produced

Steps of aseptic tomato paste packaging production

  • The environment in which aseptic packaging is produced should be a clean room with standards above C level. The process of producing aseptic packaging, as we said before, is divided into 5 stages, in this section we will examine each stage in full.
  • Pneumatic molding
    First, the room air is sterilized with the help of air purification system and the staff must be disinfected. After the initial disinfection of the environment and staff, polyethylene particles are prepared by air molding in various dimensions.
  • cutting, slicing
    In this section, based on the customer’s needs and orders, the films obtained from polyethylene are carefully cut after molding to be prepared in different dimensions and go to the next stage.
  • Seal the package
    At this stage, the aseptic package is completely sealed by thermal sealing method and sealed in all directions so that there is no leakage after pouring the product into it.
  • Drain the air inside the package
    After sealing the corners of the package, special devices completely evacuate the air inside the package to prepare it for the sterilization step. One of the disadvantages of not emptying the air inside the package is that it easily penetrates into it while moving the pollution and causes corruption of the contents of the package.
  • Sterilize
    After performing all the previous 4 steps, in the fifth step, special devices completely sterilize the aseptic package with gamma rays.
  • Sterile aseptic packaging
    Due to the use of a clean room with standards higher than C level, gamma rays, high temperature steam and also high pressure in the preparation of aseptic packaging, this type of packaging has more stringent conditions for sterilization than other similar cases; So this type of package is more sterile than other types. In fact, the aseptic layer prevents germs from entering the product; That is, any microbial contamination is trapped behind it and does not penetrate into the package.
  • Other benefits of aseptic packaging
    There are other benefits to using aseptic in the packaging industry, including:
    Products in this type of packaging remain fresh and tasty out of the refrigerator for at least 6 months; In this way, the texture and quality of the food is maintained.
    It costs less than other packages and seems to be affordable.
    Like metal or glass, it is not damaged during transportation and is less likely to lose money economically.
    Strict hygienic standards are observed in their production


Export of tomato paste produced

Export of tomato paste produced to Africa

This valuable material plays an important role in the production and packaging of various products. Aseptic packaging can also be used for food packaging due to its lack of toxins and impermeability to microbes. Aseptic can also be used in the production of composite packaging in combination with cardboard or aluminum; So it is a very desirable option for packaging in various industries.
To export the aseptic tomato paste produced, we first had to know the production steps. We have given a complete description of the definition and benefits of aseptic in the previous article. You should read it first and then read this article. And then contact our sales expert to order the purchase and receive the price

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