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production factory aseptic tomato paste Export Brix 36-38%


aseptic export tomato paste can be sold by all kinds of production factory aseptic tomato paste Export Brix 36-38% in the world. One of the biggest advantages of paste in aseptic packaging is that aseptic packaging makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. And this has the best advantage and characteristics in terms of long term transportation and export to other countries.


production factory aseptic tomato paste

  • Every factory can produce tomato paste for export. Exported tomato paste produced, packaged and exported in aseptic under its own brand.
  • Factories produce tomato paste in aseptic, with a new 38-36 barrel with barrels, suitable for export.
  • Of course, the amount of brix or the same concentration of tomato paste can be changed according to the taste of the target country.
  • The aseptic process is based on the use of high heat in a short time. Which maintains the quality of food.
  • The export of aseptic tomato paste has caused us to attract more foreign customers every day. All factories in the country that produce tomato paste; They can also easily produce and sell aseptic paste.
  • Our brand of tomato paste factory exports its pastes to other countries cheaper than all other producers, and also with higher quality than anywhere else.
    Our brand is one of the best producers of export tomato paste. You can contact us to buy or get more information

Direct order of export tomato paste

  • Direct order of tomato paste for domestic purchase and export in our brand is also done through the site.
  • Our site helps the customer in a better purchase by providing all the necessary specifications and prices, and even how to package and export the paste.
  • You can also significantly reduce the price by ordering aseptic export tomato paste directly and eliminating intermediaries.
  • On our site, there are also ways to communicate with our experienced consultant. You can contact us to order and get more information. We want the best for you.
    Aseptic tomato paste for export is one of the most important sources of income and economic prosperity in the country.
  • There are many brands of paste manufacturers in Europe. Which have a high quality in the production and supply of paste in the market.
    Tomato paste is exported to other countries on a large scale, in large containers. Our brand is also active in the field of export abroad and supply in the domestic market.

aseptic tomato paste Brix

  • What is aseptic: Aseptic is one of the production processes in the food industry. And a process method for pre-sterilized liquid products (especially food or pharmaceuticals).
  • In general, spastic refers to methods that are performed under sterile conditions. These methods can include direct flame sterilization and heat.

The spatial process consists of 3 steps:

  1.  Thermal sterilization of the product
  2.  Sterilization of packaging
  3.  Maintain sterilization during packaging
  • We use this method in the production and export of tomato paste. Until the tomato paste reaches the customer freshly and without spoilage and.
  • One of the most important physical parameters that should be evaluated to measure the quality of the paste is the Brix index of tomato paste.
  • This index actually indicates the concentration of tomato paste, and in fact, the higher the brix of tomato paste, the thicker the paste product will be. If you want to buy aseptic tomato paste, contact us.
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