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Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste quality in Africa

In the field of Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste quality in Africa, the center has provided the best figures for canned tomato paste. And makes it available to customers at reasonable prices. And with its relationship with the manufacturer and customers, it has provided the best sellers. The tomato paste market is very hot. Because this product is one of the most important raw materials in preparing all kinds of food. And has high costs.

Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste

Highlights of quality canned tomato paste

  • Canned tomato paste has different weights and high quality. Which has a purple color and is completely pure and original. Which will be free of excess and harmful substances. This paste has a good concentration. And because it is hard, it will not mold easily, and it has a high durability.
  • A good paste has a uniform color when cooked. Which is not bulleted and is perfectly uniform and healthy. And no preservatives have been used in it. This substance has a cold and dry nature. Contains iron and potassium, vitamins K, A and C. Its lycopene prevents cancer of the prostate, stomach, lung and breast.
  • Tomato paste has many antioxidants. Due to its sunscreen properties, it prevents sunburn. And it has a great effect on the function of red blood cells and the regulation of water and minerals. Which has been useful for people with anemia. And because of the high fiber, it prevents constipation.

Manufacturer of tomato paste in Africa

  1. The production of canned tomato paste is done in the best qualities and in different weights and designs. Which is completely healthy and hygienic and the principles, techniques and standards of the day have been observed. This product is made of first-class and pure tomatoes using advanced equipment and technology.
  2. After purchasing this paste and opening the lid, the can should be stored in the refrigerator or in glass containers. Do not mold because tomatoes are acidic, and in a long time will cause the metal to decompose and corrode. The paste can must be completely closed so that no air can enter it. It can also be stored in the freezer. To increase its shelf life, a clean, dry spoon should be used when removing the paste.
  3. Tomato paste is added to various foods to flavor and color. Especially in winter, when there is no access to healthy and good tomatoes, paste is the best alternative to tomatoes. To buy paste, you must pay attention to its production and consumption date. And he bought a sample that the can is not sunken.
Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste

Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste

  • Wholesale sales of canned tomato paste is sold online in the largest online store across Africa. With the best price and payment terms for all major buyers of tomato paste.
  • One of the best and most popular products is 800 g canned tomato paste. This model of tomato paste is placed in different types of canned or glass tomato paste.
  • Therefore, 800 g of tomato paste can have a good market. For this reason, most sellers of tomato paste are looking for the best brands and major sales centers.
  • One of the best-selling products of tomato paste is 800 g tomato paste. In the wholesale center, you can buy all kinds of tomato paste from any brand, with any type of brix. With the best market day prices at the largest online wholesale.

What is tomato paste?

  • Tomato paste is a thick substance that is used to flavor and season food in cooking. To make tomato paste, tomatoes are usually cooked under high pressure for several hours until a thick liquid is obtained.
  • What kind of tomato is better to prepare tomato paste? There are two types of tomatoes on the market. Which is used to prepare paste. And one of the raw materials is to prepare a quality paste.
  1.  Local tomatoes that are produced by natural cultivation.
  2.  Greenhouse tomatoes that are planted and harvested in the greenhouse environment.
  • In preparing tomato paste, it does not matter what kind is used, both of which have advantages and disadvantages in the production of tomato paste.
  •  According to studies, local tomatoes usually give the least paste, but I have the good advantage that it spoils later and does not mold. Greenhouse tomatoes, on the other hand, are more expensive and can be pasted earlier.
  • Naturally, for every 100 kg of good and excellent meat tomatoes, between 10 and 15 kg of tomato paste can be produced.
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