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red tomato paste production line Cheap in Africa

In the red tomato paste production line Cheap in Africa, large, red, healthy tomatoes with high brix, high acid and tomatoes that have less fiber texture are used to prepare the paste. It should not be crushed. The color of tomatoes should be red and not yellow or green because these colors affect the final quality in the production of tomato paste.

red tomato paste production line

Red tomato paste production line

The following are the steps of the red tomato paste production line:

Washing and sorting
Immersion and spraying methods are used for optimal washing of tomatoes. Tomatoes are often washed in three steps:
• First, the tomatoes enter the water tanks with a lattice floor by means of a depalletizer, which is blown from the bottom of the air to create turbulence and expel contaminants, and the water overflows at the surface, where light impurities such as wood and… are separated.
In the secondary tank, the tomatoes are washed with cleaner water
In the third stage, the tomatoes are transferred to the conveyor belt by the rotating wheels of the blade, and while advancing gradually, the washing is completed by sprinkling water quickly.
• Then in the sorting stage, the awkward products are separated and the product becomes homogeneous.
Note: In the case of canned tomatoes, grading is required to separate the tomatoes to a uniform size, but this is not necessary for the tomato paste production line.
Chopping tomatoes is done by chopper or Crakher in two ways, hot and cold.
Hot crushing
In this method, the tomatoes are heated in the tomato paste production line before pulping or immediately after crushing. During this method, heat causes rapid inactivation of pectolytic enzymes (especially pectin methyl esterase or pectinase), so it prevents the hydrolysis of pectin and more pectin enters the paste, thus increasing the consistency of the paste.
On the other hand, the heat causes the gum material around the seeds to escape, and therefore the viscosity of the product will increase, which is suitable for making ketchup. The heating temperature in this method is 90 ° C and it is mainly done for high quality tomatoes. In Hot Break, there is a possibility of caramelization, creating undesirable colors and flavors. Cold crushing.
In hot crushing the grain loses its vigor and can not be used for cultivation, while in cold crushing due to low heat we can use the seeds for cultivation.
If we want to have a high brix paste, the viscosity must be low, so in the production line of high brix tomato paste, the Cold Break method is more effective.
Preliminary heating
At this stage, a preliminary heat is generated from the tomato paste production line in order to inactivate the hydrolytic enzymes, which increases the consistency of the product. Chopped tomatoes enter the preheating system and the enzyme is removed at a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees Celsius. And the more ripe the tomatoes are, the higher the temperature is used at this stage.

flatten out
In the tomato paste production line, two-stage or sometimes three-stage filters are usually used. The first filter is usually called a pulper and the second and third filters are called finisher. These two devices are structurally similar to each other, in the form of cylinders whose body is formed by a net and there are rotating blades that enter the tomato and hit it hard, and as a result of these blows, the tomatoes They become more crushed.

At this stage, the product is sent to the evaporators from the tomato paste production line for concentration. The type of evaporator depends to some extent on the product, but it is always done under vacuum conditions. Laminated surface evaporators are mainly used, which are often double-body with three-body. During this stage, some of the product water is removed to ensure high durability and reduce transportation.

The purpose of pasteurization in the production line of tomato paste is to make it healthier and increase its shelf life. For pasteurization of the paste, a tube pasteurizer with a temperature of 85 to 90 degrees Celsius is used.
Fill in the package and close the lid
At this stage of the tomato paste production line, the filling operation is performed as Hot Filling at a temperature of 80 ° C.

red tomato paste production line

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