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sachets Tomato paste export 70 g brix 18-20%

sachets Tomato paste export 70 g brix 18-20% from which countries? How to buy tomato paste? Please join us to get the answers to these questions.

sachets Tomato paste export

The best type of tomato to produce 70 g paste

Tomato paste 70 g is a popular product that we want to examine in this section. What kind of tomatoes are used for its production:

  • Tomato is a valuable fruit that was first known in the United States. The fruit is unripe before ripening and contains a toxic substance called solanine. Its consumption is dangerous. Once ripe, the fruit turns red and juicy and lacks solanine. In fact, an antioxidant called lycopene is responsible for causing redness in tomatoes, which can fight radicals in the body that cause cancer, heart disease and premature aging.
  • Tomatoes usually come in many varieties, but the ones used to make the paste are divided into two groups: round and pear-shaped. Round varieties are usually watery and have high and colorful solids, but pear varieties are more rigid and have fewer solids but more pectin.
sachets Tomato paste export

sachets tomato paste export to the whole world

Countries where the use of tomato paste is very high. They usually have their own customer in all types of packaging. But pasta paste has recently become more popular than the rest of this product.
Because it can be easily used at parties. And it is very easy to transport during travel.
Of course, sash paste is produced in different weights. Most of them ask for 70 grams of this type of product. The suppliers of this paste are often those who have good tomato cultivation.
In the first part, we mentioned the types of these tomatoes. Usually, China, Nigeria, the United States, Iran, and Italy are among the top producers of this product. But sachets tomato paste export to all over the world.

sachets Tomato paste export

Buy Brix Tomato paste 18-20%

Let’s first get acquainted with the concept of Brix below:

  • Indicates the percentage of weight of solids in a solution to the total weight of the solution, or in other words, the weight percentage of solids in the solution.
  • So the higher the degree of brix solution, the higher the concentration of solids in that solution, such as molasses, and the lower the amount of water in the solution.
  • Due to the fact that the specific gravity (volume weight-weight per unit volume) of materials varies at different temperatures, measurements should always be made at a constant temperature to correctly compare and use the available tables for different materials (including molasses). . This constant temperature, called the laboratory temperature, is 20 degrees Celsius. For practical applications, measurements are usually acceptable at 18 to 22. C.
  • According to the above definition, the most accurate method in determining the degree of brix of a solution is to weigh a certain volume of the solution (substance) in particular. In this method, care must be taken to measure the volume and weight accurately and accurately at laboratory temperature.
  • The other two methods of measuring brix are hydrometric and refractometric methods.
  • Due to the highly variable composition of different molasses, especially in terms of the non-metallic materials in molasses and also due to the different accuracy of measurement methods, different methods of measuring brix grade usually reach somewhat different results. In general, it can be concluded that the measurement of the degree of brix molasses and molasses solutions is somewhat approximate.

It is usually produced 18-20% more in the case of brix tomato paste. You can buy all kinds of these products by contacting our sales expert.

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