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Sale and export of tomato paste high quality African


Do you know which distribution company you should go to for the Sale and export of tomato paste high quality African from the manufacturer and without intermediaries? Contact our experienced sales expert for pricing and more information.

Sale and export of tomato paste
Sale and export of tomato paste

Buy homemade tomato paste

  • Ingredients for making tomato paste at home
  • Tomatoes: 1 box or more
    Salt: as much as you like (a French glass with a handle of salt is enough for a box)
    Liquid oil or olive oil: 1 cup
    How to prepare tomato paste with a blender (no strainer required)
  • To prepare tomato paste with a blender, you can wash and chop the tomatoes well. Then put the tomatoes in the blender until it is completely mixed. Now you can pour the mixed tomatoes into the pot to boil and turn into a colorful and tasty tomato paste.
  • In this method of preparing tomato paste, there is no need to separate the tomato skin, because the tomato skin is completely mixed and on the other hand, it gives a better taste and color to your tomato paste. Homemade tomato paste should boil well and reach a consistency so that it has a nice color and lasts longer
Sale and export of tomato paste
Sale and export of tomato paste

The biggest seller of tomato paste

  1. First in Sicily and then in other Italian cities, factories started producing tomato paste at home. Then canned and glass tomato paste came to the market. It is interesting to know that Italians add virgin olive oil and vinegar to tomato paste, which prevents the paste from getting moldy. Cooking all kinds of food with tomato paste is very popular in different countries of the world.
  2. Our food industry company has made every effort to supply and equip the needs of domestic and foreign markets by considering quality and good quality products.
    Tomato paste with the best brand, taking into account the quality and standard brix, is produced in the sizes of 400g, 800g, 4kg cans and 700g and 1.5kg glass jars and supplied to the domestic and export markets.
  3. In addition to producing tomato paste, our food products also operate in the field of production and supply of compotes and preserves.
    Our tomato paste is produced with 27% Brix standard quality and can be exported with the necessary permits, and Persian-English-Russian and Arabic translations are included on the packaging of this product.
    Dear friends and colleagues, to order products for domestic and export markets or to get more information, you can contact us through communication channels.



Sale and export of tomato paste

  • Our food industry company, with more than two decades of experience in the field of production, distribution and export of canned food, has done all its strength in producing diverse and high-quality products.
  • Therefore, we introduce a quality product with the brand of our company, which is a variety of products, including tomato paste and all kinds of preserves and compotes.
    Our tomato paste is produced in metal can packaging and is produced with standard quality and brix of 27%.
  • And all licenses for exporting this product have been received from the Department of Standards and Health.
    Our tomato paste is one of the best-selling products for export to neighboring countries.
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