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Sale Canned tomato paste

Sale Canned tomato paste in Iran is ready with a great price.  canned Tomato paste is one of the major food products in Iran. Our collection of canned tomato paste from Iran is supplied to our customers at the factory price. The lower brix has a refreshing tomato paste.

Now, if you need to buy this product at the best price, you can order tomato past

Sales of a sample of canned tomatoes made inside the country with Brix 27 have a unique color and are also used for export.

The sale of  Iranian  canned tomatoes with different brands in Iraq. One of the goals of our company’s Tomato paste sales is to send this product to neighboring countries, including Iraq, Pakistan, afghan and  Persian Gulf countries.

sale canned tomato paste
sale canned tomato paste

We are able to represent different countries to sell canned  tomato paste. Despite having numerous customers in neighboring countries Can Tomato paste factories sell their products only to their active agents in different countries.

Sales Types of Tomato paste:

  1.  Tomato paste on a single sale
  2. Major canned tomato paste sales

 Tomato paste on a single sale:

Most customers of this range are the sales of households who make paste individually for home use. canned Tomato sales individually or in stores, shops and online stores supplied.

Due to the high consumption of Iranians, this paste has become one of the essential ingredients in traditional foods. Most households traditionally also make tomato paste, which I will explain to you.

Major canned tomato paste sales:

sale Canned Tomato paste are often done in large stores, canned tomato dealers and food wholesalers or in factories.

Most buyers are the range of shopkeepers, wholesalers, exporters, and exporting companies. . They make this product in a lot of volumes and use it for sale and export.

In the meantime, our company is an export company in the field of food. Most of our activities are the supply and sale of canned foods, including canned tomato paste and canned vegetables and canned fruits. Considering the fine delicacy that exists in Iran for these products And given that these products have good export capacities in the world It looks like you get your products from Iran at the right price.

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