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Sale price tomato paste with brix 28% to 38%

Looking for Sale price tomato paste with brix 28% to 38%? Usually, the largest supplier tomato paste produce a variety of brix.
And if you want to purchase at a factory price without intermediaries, you have to buy from them.

Sale price tomato paste


Vitamins in tomato paste

As you know, tomatoes have many properties But when it is processed. And it is made as a paste Its properties and vitamins increase.
Lycopene found in orange and red fruits It has anti-cancer properties. Because it is an antioxidant that prevents the formation of malignant cells and is present in tomatoes.
When the tomato is cooked, it breaks down And releases more lycopene. For this reason, tomato paste and tomato sauce have more antioxidant properties.
Here are some vitamins of tomato paste:

  • Beta-carotene antioxidant that produces vitamin A activity in the body
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • It is rich in potassium
  • Alpha and beta carotenoids
  • Lutein
  • Lycopene
  • Vitamin A
Sale price tomato paste


Supplier of Tomato Paste with Brix 28% to 38%

Do you know what Brix is? How do they calculate its number? If you are careful when buying tomato paste. The seller will ask you what you want with it.
Brix means the concentration of tomato paste and the higher the number, the thicker the paste will be. The degree of brix differs for each type of packaging as follows:

  • Canned tomato paste is usually between 25 to 28
  •  For bulk tomato paste between 28 to 32
  •  For spastic paste between 32 to 38

Suppliers usually make some of these packages. But some of them provide all kinds of paste for customers’ convenience.
For example, most countries, such as Russia and Europe, are calling for a spike. And after being imported from Iran, they use it diluted and ready.

Sale price tomato paste


The largest tomato paste business in the world market

Well according to what we’ve said so far You may want to get acquainted. with the largest of these merchants and suppliers in the world market.
And trade with them and sell all kinds of pastes with different bricks You should be careful to buy from the original supplier.
Because some of these businessmen are not even directly related to the producers.
for this reason, because of the intermediaries, the price paid by them will be higher than the factory price.
But the biggest of these are the main producers Who. directly market their products to customers and businessmen from other countries.
Contact us to find these suppliers to introduce them to you.

Sale price tomato paste


Sale price tomato paste organic

The sale price tomato paste organic is higher than other pastes Because tomatoes are organically produced.
Requires special maintenance And that’s why the cost goes up. so since few farms are dedicated to cultivating this type of tomato.
The price of this product is going up But instead because it is free of any chemicals and fertilizers.
Very good for everyone’s health In addition, because of the natural. healthy tomato paste prepared from it is very tasty and delicious.
these tomatoes because they grow naturally They are very juicy. And the best kind of tomato is to produce pastes with different brix.


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