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Sell ​​aseptic tomato paste online in Iraq


How is the Sell ​​aseptic tomato paste online in Iraq? Who can we get the best tomato paste price list in the market?


Sell ​​aseptic tomato paste online

  • Well, now that you are briefly familiar with the differences between the paste packages. You may have a question. Is there a way to buy this product more easily? If you are a businessman and you want aseptic paste or even a housewife and you want to prepare tomato paste with small packaging. In any case, you should look for the best and easiest way to buy this product. As you know, today anything can be bought online. And in fact, it can be said that it is the simplest and most economical way to buy. Because wherever you are in the world. You can buy the product you need with just a few clicks, even if it is in another country. And at the lowest cost, because you no longer have to pay for transportation and traffic.
  • Do you know what Brix means? This word actually says the concentration of tomato paste. The higher the Brix number, the higher its concentration. Which is customized according to customer demand. In aseptic paste, as mentioned above, there are two different steps. Which is mostly used in hot break model. Where the Brix is ​​usually 28 to 30. And has a long shelf life of about two years. Which will be high in this type of viscosity. And devices of this model are usually more expensive than other equipment. For this reason, it is very effective in determining its price. The best manufacturer of aseptic paste should be able to provide any type with high quality according to the customer’s taste. We are one of these professional suppliers.


Export of aseptic tomato paste

  • What is aseptic tomato paste? Do you know the answer to this question? Definitely if you are a trader of this product or you have been buying and selling this product for some time. You can answer it. But we also explain to people who have just entered the business of that product. Aseptic means disinfectant, which is used for the type of packaging of this product. This means that a trader usually buys aseptic type at the same time as exporting. Because this packaging model can be stored outside the refrigerator for some time. Without damaging the desired product inside. Paste is exported by some companies. Here are the most important exporters of aseptic paste:
    Iran, China, USA, Italy, Britain and Nigeria are the most important exporters.
  • But maybe you are looking for a specific brand that is produced in another country or even on another continent. On the other hand, you can not visit the manufacturer in person. And it may not be economical for you to buy the brand you want, even if it is quality, by spending the cost of transportation to the desired country. And many other factors that prevent you from traveling to the supplier. But do not worry, there is always a solution that you get what you want. You can buy and order your goods online as soon as possible. Contact our sales expert for more information.

Bulk tomato paste price list in the market

  1. The price list of bulk tomato paste depends on various parameters. As we said in the previous sections, bulk paste has many customers. Therefore, in this section, we needed to explain about the main factor that everyone pays attention to when buying. And that important criterion is actually the price of this product. This parameter depends on many factors. Here are some of them:
  2. To determine the paste price, the cost of raw materials must first be considered
    Wages of workers and employees
    transport cost
  3. Price of tomato paste packaging containers
    Raw materials added
    Brix paste rate
  4. exchange rate
    Purchase amount
    Type of branding desired packaging
  5. How to settle
    Apart from the parameters mentioned above, there are many other cases. Which makes each customer have their own price list.


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