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supply center Tomato paste aseptic in Europe

If you are looking to buy and supply center Tomato paste aseptic in Europe. We suggest you buy it at reasonable prices, buying in bulk and in larger quantities is definitely associated with a lower price. For purchase and more information, please contact our experienced consultant.

Production of tin tomato paste
supply center Tomato paste

Specifications of half a kilo of tomato paste in Europe

  • One of the characteristics of high quality tomato paste in any weight is the standard mark

When buying tomato paste, there are some points that you should pay special attention to:

  1. Product standard
  2. Standard degree of salt added
  3.  Pay attention to the product brand
  4.  Type of color and type of taste
  5.  Type of packaging is tomato paste
  • Packaging of 400 g tomato paste is also done in glass and metal cans.
  • Each of these two packaging models has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Another feature of tomato paste that you should pay attention to when buying. Pay attention to the production date and expiration date of the product. Because using products that have an expiration date. Causes intoxication and illness of consumers.
  • Storage conditions and temperatures are listed on the packaging of each tomato paste. So help keep the paste healthy by observing the tips and conditions listed.


Export of various types of tomato paste from Europe

  • Tomato paste is one of the valuable products of our country, which is produced in large quantities.
  • The high quality and beautiful color of the excellent concentration of tomato paste has attracted the attention of many applicants around the world.
    Neighboring countries always want and buy this paste in large quantities.
  • This has led to the export of tomato paste in weights of 400 grams and 800 grams and a half kilograms and four kilograms and the country’s economic prosperity.
    So you can buy all kinds of tomato paste from us through our internet sites.
  • High quality paste should be made from quality and first-class tomatoes. Organic and natural products will have first-class pastes. They also use meat tomatoes in preparing this product. All these factors together lead to improving the quality level of the resulting paste.
  • Optimal taste is also a feature of export tomato paste. That’s why using it helps to make food taste good. In addition, good quality paste has a high brix. Which means enjoying the right concentration. As a result, it has a better durability.
supply center Tomato paste

supply center Tomato paste

  • In the culinary industry, we always know that chefs use a variety of products and condiments in order to flavor food.
  • Each of which has its own taste. Each of the condiments that flavor our food is made from specific ingredients. For example, paprika pepper powder is made from a type of pepper, or tomato paste is made from fresh and healthy tomatoes.
  • Half a kilo of tomato paste is produced in the highest level of quality, color, taste and flavor in our brand and is always offered all over the world.

So if you are looking for the best supply center tomato paste , contact our sales expert

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