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The best packaging of aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria


Who does The best packaging of aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria ? Do you know how to find the best seller of tomato paste in Africa?

aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria

Aseptic packaging from a different perspective

We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of aseptic packages in previous sections in similar news. Now we want to look at the types of these small and large packages with a different look. It has many applications in the food industry. In preparing tomato paste, aseptic barrels are used to carry this product if it needs to be stored outside the refrigerator and freezer. In the following we will explain in detail about aseptic:

  • One of the cost-effective types of packaging is aseptic packaging. Aseptic packages can give good profit to manufacturers due to their good quality. For this reason, in this article, we have introduced and reviewed the material of aseptic packages.
  • In industry and industrial production, the use of cheap and affordable raw materials that are available is very important. Therefore, manufacturers are always looking for suitable materials with the mentioned characteristics. In order to be able to provide acceptable quality to the customer, to enjoy the desired profit.
  • Aseptic is a type of packaging made of polyethylene, which is widely used in various industries, especially in the food and medicine industry, due to its cheapness and desirable properties. In this article, we want to have a more complete look at aseptic packaging and its applications; So if you want to get more acquainted with the world of aseptic packaging, stay with us until the end of this article.
  • What is Aseptic? Aseptic is a type of packaging that is made of polyethylene particles in different stages; These steps include:
  • Preparation of polyethylene raw material
  • Cut polyethylene into thin sheets and preform by air molding
  • Stabilize the shape of polyethylene during the thermal sealing process
  • Vacuum the air inside the package
  • Gamma ray sterilization of the package under completely isolated conditions
  • Aseptic packaging material: Aseptic is a type of multilayer packaging; That is, it is made of several layers with different material and thickness, and for each product, the number of layers and their thickness change. The reason that multiple layers are used in the production of aseptic is that the contents inside are insulated from external conditions and microorganisms. In general, a typical aseptic package consists of the following layers:
  • Polyethylene: The polyethylene layer is the main barrier between the indoor environment and the pathogens outside. Other benefits include preventing moisture from entering the contents of the package. The polyethylene layer
    aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria

    makes up 24% of the total weight of the package.

  • A thin layer of foil: This layer prevents light and oxygen from entering the contents of the package; Because these factors accelerate the process of spoilage and spoilage of food and medicine. The aluminum layer makes up 6% of the total weight of the package.
  • A layer of paper: This part makes up 70% of the total weight of the package and makes it stronger and stronger. To maintain the appearance and quality of the package in different products, the manufacturer uses paper in different thicknesses.


 The best seller of aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria

Now according to the description of the previous section and also if you have read other news. You must want to know who is the best seller of these products. Because you are certainly familiar with the benefits of sterilized packaging. So because Nigeria is a vast country. And there are a lot of people working in this field. You may need to spend a lot of time and money. You can find the best seller of aseptic tomato paste in Nigeria. But do not worry, we will introduce you to the best store. Just contact us

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