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Launching aseptic tomato paste production line in Niger

Do you know the costs of Launching aseptic tomato paste production line in Niger? What are the main machines of the factory for producing tomato paste?

tomato paste production line

Design and manufacture of tomato paste production line

Do you know how much capital is needed to design and build a tomato paste production line? In the following, we will examine the costs required for this production plant:

The higher the amount and capacity of production, the greater the amount of capital required. In general, we have a number of fixed and current costs.

Fixed costs: cost of licenses to set up a tomato paste factory, location costs, bedding and construction operations and machinery

Current costs: location costs, manpower, maintenance of machinery, raw materials, etc.

In general, the capacity of the production line is the most important factor in estimating the start-up cost. This production capacity means the amount of tons of tomatoes entering the production line. For example, if the capacity of a tomato paste production line is 100 tons, it means that this production line will be able to receive 100 tons of tomatoes per day. And the output of the factory is one ton of tomato paste. For example, a production line with the same capacity limits, which is relatively small but reasonable, can be a good start for people. Who want to enter the tomato paste production market, because this production line can be set up at a relatively low cost. And it can be upgraded to the tomato paste production line with more capacities.

tomato paste production line

Main machines for setting up tomato paste production line

The tomato paste production line consists of different machines, each of which has a separate function. Paste production line machines have various capacities. And sometimes in cases where there is a large factory with a high capacity. This line may be complete and in some cases several devices may be embedded in the line. Conversely, in smaller workshops or productions, some processes may be done manually. But in general the devices and machines of the paste line are as follows.

1- Suspended receipt

2- Primary receiving tub

3- Roller lift or elevator

4- Secondary receiving bath

5- Physical filter

6- Sorting

7- Monopump

8- Tomato shredder (crusher)

9- Preheater

10- Filter tomato juice

11- Tomato juice tank

12- Pulp silo

13. Concentration under vacuum of Continuus

14. Cooling tower

15- Barrel return

16- Concentration under vacuum (batch)

17- Pasteurizer

18. Pasteurizer tunnel

tomato paste production line

Production of aseptic tomato paste in Niger

Tomato paste is popular in Africa, especially in Niger. For this reason, the production plant operates aseptically there. But what is aseptic and what are its advantages are explained below:

Traders have the highest demand for aseptic in the export debate. Which has advantages over other packages. Which we refer to below. Aseptic packaging, which is considered for tomato paste these days, is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging.

Bulk samples must be refrigerated, but for aseptic types there is no need for this.

In the sample, aseptic packaging is healthier than bulk. And the barrels in which the tomato paste is kept are sterilized.

The specifications of the tomato paste produced aseptically are mentioned in the continuation of this article:

Concentrated juice of first-class tomatoes

Tomato paste with brix 38-36%

Pure tomato paste without additives such as food coloring

Standard salt level

without preservatives

 Tomato paste is filled in special bags and then placed in aseptic barrels.

Weighing 230 kg

Blue metal barrels

Very firm and dense texture

high durability Supplier of aseptic tomato paste with the quality of its products in addition to the specifications mentioned above. It must have other features as well. For example, it should have a pleasant, good and unique flavor. For this reason, in this series, we introduce suppliers to you who produce high quality products.

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