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tomato paste production process of factory quality in Mauritius

Do you know the tomato paste production process of factory quality in Mauritius? What parameters depend on the price of tomato paste?

tomato paste production process

Organic tomato paste production process

Collecting and transporting tomatoes to the factory

Tomatoes are first transported from various fields by large and small machines in boxes or in bulk to tomato paste factories, and after the tomatoes enter the factory, the quality control unit performs tomato health tests according to standard 40.

 Collected tomatoes should be transported to the factory or refrigerator immediately after harvesting.


After the initial washing, the tomatoes are transferred from the washing pond to the sorting machine by a conveyor and spread on the sorting strip. The sorting machine consists of two adhesive tapes, which include sorting (inspection tape) and washing tape. Workers separate green, rotten, moldy, twigs and leaves, as well as dried tomatoes and waste on a conveyor belt from healthy tomatoes.


Inspected tomatoes enter the shredder. Tomatoes are automatically transferred to the crusher. The crusher contains a series of fixed and movable blades that crush the tomatoes

Hotbrick (high heat)

Chopped tomatoes need a certain amount of heat to better smooth, separate the texture of the tomatoes and increase the production of tomato juice.


At this stage, the skin, fine particles, pulp and impurities are separated from the tomato. The crushed tomato enters the filtration stage after hatching. Filtration is done in two or three steps, depending on the type of device. High-speed filtering in the first stage, using centrifugal force, passes the crushed tomato on a mesh with large diameter pores, and in the second stage, it performs this process with small diameter pores (in three stages, the diameters are large, It is medium and small).

Tomato juice storage tank

The tomato juice taken out of the filtration stage is directed to the storage tank. The storage tank containing a stirrer is constantly rotating to prevent the tomato juice from settling.

Concentration (Batch and Continuus)

The batch or industrial concentrator has a double-walled tank with a stirrer rotating inside it to circulate the tomato juice and cause the tomatoes to be cooked by indirect heat.


Pasteurization is the process by which bulk tomato paste obtained from the concentrating process is heated to inactivate or kill microbes in them, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, etc., so that it can be used on the production line.

Can and sterilize

Paste cans are usually made of metal with a lacquered inner layer. These cans must be thoroughly sterilized before filling, which is done automatically by aeration and steaming.


After washing the cans, the cans are transferred to the filling machine by the conveyor. Tomato paste filling machine is of piston type which is available in two, three and eight piston types and in two linear and rotary shapes.

Close the door

At this stage, the doors purchased for the paste cans are placed on the can and sealed by the capping machine.

Can printing

At present, with regard to the improvement of production systems, printing takes place immediately after sealing.


At this stage, in order to ensure the absence of any active microbes inside the paste cans, the cans need to be placed in tunnels containing hot water to minimize the possibility of any microbes by applying heat shock to the cans.

Labeling and printing of production information

In most cases, the cans used have a body print. At the end of the Pasteur tunnel, after cooling and drying, with the approval of the factory quality control manager, they are transferred to the jet printer for jetting.

tomato paste production process

Tomato paste supplier in Mauritius

As you know, Mauritius is the most competitive and advanced African country. On the other hand, tomato paste is a well-known seasoning in the world. Which is used by almost all African countries. Therefore, in this commercial country, many suppliers have turned to the production of this product. We will introduce the best of them to you.

tomato paste production process

Price of quality factory tomato paste

But in the previous section we mentioned that tomato paste is a good option for trade. Here are the parameters that determine the price of quality factory tomato paste:

  • Percent of its brix
  • Tomato prices
  • Organic or inorganic raw materials
  • transport cost
  • Type of hot break or cold break of tomato paste
  • Brand name
  • Expiration date
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