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tomato paste Trader of organic aseptic in South Africa

Do you know the best tomato paste Trader of organic aseptic in South Africa? Contact a tomato paste sales representative in Africa to get the price.

tomato paste Trader

The best tomato paste trader in the world

Tomato paste because it is used by most people all over the world. It can be considered a profitable product that has different packaging. So it’s a good option for business. But here we will introduce you to the top tomato paste trader. In the following, we will explain the types of tomato paste packaging:

  •   Tomato pastes are now available in various packages such as cans, jars, cans and aseptic barrels in different sizes.
  • In general, pastes in metal cans are safer. And they can be stored for longer; Because the possibility of sterilizing the can and keeping it in the autoclave is better and more than glass. Because the can’s resistance to heat is higher than glass.
tomato paste trader

Price of organic aseptic tomato paste

Tomato paste is priced according to different criteria. For example, being organic and also based on the type of packaging such as aseptic. We explain both in the following:

  • One of the types of packaging in the field of production of tomato paste is blue aseptic barrels weighing 230 kg. The paste produced is filled in completely hygienic and sterilized nylons.
  • And after complete closure, it is placed in these barrels and their lids are sealed. And are loaded for export abroad.

Aseptic tomato paste ingredients

  • Pure and thick tomato paste
  • Tomato paste brix 39-37%
  • No salt
  • Filled in special bags and placed in blue metal barrels
  • without preservatives
  • No additives and 100% pure

Types of aseptic tomato paste

  • Aseptic Brix tomato paste 39-37 with new barrel suitable for export
  • Aseptic Brix paste 39-37 is sold with a normal barrel suitable for domestic factories.
  • It should be noted that aseptic paste is of high quality and durability and is suitable for the production of tomato sauce and other quality products.
tomato paste trader

Sales representative of tomato paste in South Africa

In the previous section, we mentioned that tomato paste is consumed all over the world. Which is most used in South Africa. And in the export discussion, aseptic is usually bought. The reasons are as follows:

  • As you know, aseptic tomato paste has attracted the attention of many exporters of this product due to its packaging.
  • And the same type of packaging of tomato paste makes it more durable in the open air and outside the refrigerator.
  • We can boldly say that it is the best type of aseptic packaging.
  • For this reason, tomato paste with aseptic packaging has become very popular among traders and bankers, both for domestic and export consumption.

But because so many people in this African country sell tomato paste. You need to buy from a reputable sales representative. Here is the difference between a healthy or a fake paste:

  • It is usually a healthy paste that spreads easily in the oil, when placed in the oil as a clot or in pieces, it is a sign of insufficient health of the paste.
  • You must have heard of using pumpkin instead of tomato in the production of factory paste, it is enough to heat a small amount of paste in oil, if you see pieces of paste in black and non-uniform in the dish, it is better to know that Most likely, it is an indication of impurities in that product.
  • Unfortunately, the presence or absence of dangerous additives such as sodium benzoate at home is not possible without laboratory facilities, and there is no exact way to ensure the health of the paste used by factories or households purchased from sodium benzoate.
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