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The best canned tomato paste factory with easy door open

Do you know The best canned tomato paste factory with easy door open How is the production process of industrial tomato paste? Where are the top tomato paste producers in the world?

canned tomato paste factory

Process of Canned Tomato Paste Factory

You may be curious to know how canned tomato paste is made at the factory. For this reason we refer to the process of preparation of this product in canned tomato paste:

  • Get tomatoes
  • Soaking and rinsing the tomatoes
  • Serving and washing tomatoes
  • Chop the tomatoes
  • Initial baking
  • filteration
  • Formulated tank
  • Condensation of wines
  • Pasteurization
  • Filling in cans and pans
  • Pasteurization of filled cans
  • Cross the cold water underwater
  • dry
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Marketing

Here are the steps below:

  • The tomato enters the plant in 25kg boxes or boxes. And after weighing it is loaded onto the loading platform.
  • The tomatoes are then passed through the water showers and placed on the sorting table for final washing.
  • The cleaned tomatoes are crushed and crushed by moving blades.
  • Sliced ​​tomatoes enter the filter after passing through the heater. Tomato juice enters the Formula tank, which is a steel tank. In these tanks, a maximum of 3% by weight of the finished product is added to the brine.
  • Pumped worm juice enters the condensing boiler or batch.
  • The tomato paste prepared from the condensing boiler is stored in the tank. After separating the fruit juice, it directs it to the condensing tank, which is used to charge the condenser.
  • The tomato is pasteurized through a storage tank similar to a preheater and heated to about 85 ° C.
  • When the solids concentration in the tomato paste reaches 28, they are packaged in special cans or similar containers.
  • Cans filled with tomato paste are lined.
  • After capping, the cans pass through the steam tunnel.
  • After passing through the steam tunnel, the canister passes under the shower of cold water. The cans then pass under a fan that warms the air and dry. After sealing the paste, the cans should be sterilized. A baking tunnel (autoclave) is used for this purpose.
  • At this point, the cans are labeled and packed in cardboard. The product shipped to the warehouse will be marketed after a quarantine period (approximately 15 days) if the test results are negative.
canned tomato paste factory
canned tomato paste factory

Advantages of Buying Industrial Tomato Paste

To understand the advantage of buying industrial tomato paste, here’s the difference between industrial and domestic paste:

  • In factories, tomatoes used in pasta are usually selected from those with thin skin, soft tissue, high solids, spicy red, mild taste, mold-free, coarse-grained and fully ripened.
  • Tomato lycopene is usually most effective when slightly warmed to increase its vitality and absorption capacity. So tomato paste is a good option in this respect. But the point is that when the tomatoes are exposed to the heat process, in addition to the so-called cooked, high heat reduces the vitamins and minerals in it, so that the amount of vitamins based on the heat process is likely to exceed 5%. Reduce to 40%, which is a much greater loss of nutrients in the home due to the use of direct and uncontrolled heating.
  • Keeping tomatoes long before the process can also be another cause of nutrient and pectin depletion. That’s not the case with industrial paste.
  • But another advantage of buying tomato paste from our company is that preservatives and food colors are not used in their preparation.
canned tomato paste factory
canned tomato paste factory

 the best tomato paste with an Open the door easily

But when choosing the best tomato paste you need to take into consideration. For example, there are two types of doors for this product, one is easy to open and the other is regular.
Some factories do not have sufficient precision when manufacturing and lack the necessary quality and efficiency.
So to have quality tomato paste. And to be the same product in terms of packaging. You must order from the top factories in this field.

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