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Suppliers aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38% in Africa

Do you know the best Suppliers aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38% in Africa? Contact our sales expert to learn how to buy tomato paste.

Supplier aseptic tomato paste

The process of producing quality tomato paste

  • Drainage, washing and dewatering unit: Drainage, washing and dewatering section includes different stages during which the tomato enters the factory as bulk or with a basket, then by performing a series of processing processes, the tomato juice is filtered at the end of this section. Achieved. Processing processes in this section include sorting, crushing, pre-cooking and pulping, which are performed by washing and sorting machines, crash, peritheter and turbo filter, respectively.

1. Washing channel

2. Lifting tape

3. Tomato crackers

4. Perimeter

5. Turbo filter

6. Steel tank for storing tomato juice

  • Concentration unit: Concentration section is the most important part of a tomato paste factory that consumes the most energy and performs the main production process. The concentration of bulk paste obtained at this stage is very important and usually has a degree of Brix 34 to 38. To achieve this degree of brix, a multi-stage (multi-stage) cantilever device with final brix adjustment is used. This device has an automatic function, so that the operator has to record a certain degree of Breaks in the control panel of the device in order to continue the continuous concentration to reach the desired Breaks. At the end of this section, the paste with high brix is ​​pumped directly to the packing section after leaving the Cantienus device.

1. Multi-vapor-cactin evaporator

  • Packaging unit: Packaging operation in bulk paste production line is done by direct pumping from the cantilever device to 200 kg barrels of polyathylene. The packing process is such that the inside of the barrels is first covered with nylon and then the paste is poured into the nylon. Due to the high concentration of the paste, the upper part of the paste surface coagulates after a while. In this case, the paste bags are salted to a thickness of 2 cm, and then the nylon is pulled out and the barrel lid is opened. The final paste product, which is offered in barrels, can be stored outdoors for a week to two months, depending on the climate of the area.
suppliers aseptic tomato paste

The best suppliers aseptic tomato paste

Quality tomato paste should be prepared by a professional manufacturer. We explained its steps in the previous section. The largest order in the field of export of tomato paste is aseptic, which we will examine in the following:

  • The optical packaging that is being considered for the paste these days is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging.
  • Of course, in addition to tomato paste, other perishable foods can also be provided with this packaging. Bulk specimens must be placed in the refrigerator, but this is not required for all types of sputum.
  • On the other hand, the export of aseptic tomato paste has attracted more and more foreign customers every day.
  • aseptic brix tomato paste is 36-38% with new barrels suitable for export. And the aseptic Brix 38-36 paste is sold with a regular barrel suitable for use in domestic factories.
  • It should be noted that aseptic paste is of high quality and high durability. And it is suitable for producing tomato sauce and other quality products.

The best suppliers aseptic tomato paste should be able to produce a quality product. That is suitable for export to the whole world.

suppliers aseptic tomato paste

Buy tomato paste 36-38% Brix in Africa

But to buy tomato paste, another important indicator is the amount of brix paste. Which is usually between 36-38% in the case of exports. The largest imports of tomato paste are made in Africa. Let’s first look at Brix:

  • The tomato paste brix indicates the firmness of the tomato paste. This percentage of concentration indicates this. For example, he poured a few tablespoons of tomato paste into the food and waited for the desired color and aroma. Tomato paste that is made at home is not measured with Brexit tomato paste. Because the person who prepared it has used his taste and experience as a criterion. To have a good concentration for your tomato paste.
  • But in the purchase and sale of industrial tomato paste Brix tomato paste is very effective in quality and price. The standard inside the box is twenty-seven to twenty-nine. And below 20 percent is called diluted tomato paste. Brix is ​​one of the main indicators of the quality of tomato paste.
  • The best tomato paste should be measured using the standard Brexit methods.
  • To calculate brix, tomato paste should be diluted with water. If twelve percent is a solid, checking the concentration of tomato paste in brix different tomato paste indicates that as the percentage of brix increases, the error in calculating the concentration of tomato paste to The Bostovik style is on the rise.

If you are planning to buy bulk tomato paste in Africa and you are looking for the best price and supplier. Contact our company’s sales expert.

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