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The price of bulk tomato paste brix 36-38% in Nigeria

What is the lowest The price of bulk tomato paste brix 36-38% in Nigeria? What is the best way to buy tomato paste in Africa?

The price bulk tomato paste

The difference between bulk tomato paste and cans

Tomato paste is one of the condiments that is offered in the market in two ways. Bulk tomato paste and cans that this sample has different types. In the following, we will examine the difference between these two packages:

  • Bulk paste is a paste that is packaged in plastic bags placed in polyethylene barrels.
  • The main difference between bulk paste and canned paste is in this packing process. Salt is used to prolong the shelf life of bulk paste by removing the pasteurizer in the bulk paste production line. The surface of the barrels filled with bulk paste is completely covered with salt.
  • Regardless of the type of packaging, another major difference between bulk paste and other types of paste is its concentration or brix index. Bulk paste is known as high-brix paste, so its brix grade is usually between 32 and 38.
  • Due to its high brix, bulk paste is of higher quality than canned paste and is suitable for export. Of course, for a longer shelf life of bulk paste, bulk paste can be produced in the spastic process. In this case, you can expect to keep it for a year or more
price Bulk tomato paste

Do you know for whom bulk tomato paste is suitable? And what are the stages of production of this product in the factory? And finally, what other products are used in it? Here are the following questions:

  • The bulk paste production line is usually recommended for people who want to mass-produce and distribute tomato paste without having to spend time on branding to speed up sales.
  • The production of bulk tomato paste includes the parts of draining and dehydrating tomatoes, concentrating and packing in barrels.
  • Tomato sauce, ketchup sauce are two products obtained from bulk tomato paste.
price Bulk tomato paste

tomato paste online market Brix 36-38% in Nigeria

Brix is ​​an indicator used in the tomato paste trade. And we will examine it below:

  • To calculate brix, tomato paste should be diluted with water. If twelve percent is a solid, checking the concentration of tomato paste in brix different tomato paste indicates that as the percentage of brix increases, the error in calculating the concentration of tomato paste to The Bostovik style is on the rise.
  • The data show that the amount of drying (except for water-insoluble adjectives) and its inability to reabsorb water will cause problems in calculating the concentration of the paste, especially in high brixes. In this study, the effect of the Brexit tomato paste variety and the temperature of the concentration measurement to determine the changes, the error of the Bostovik concentration meter and its preparation will be tested.
  • The results show that the variety has no effect on the accuracy of the Bostwick method of measuring the concentration. But Brix put the tomato paste and the size of the heat effect on the accuracy of the concentration measurement in increasing the Bostwick concentration gauge error, especially in the Brix tomato paste.
  • Research has shown that heating a dilute paste to forty-five degrees and then cooling it down can greatly reduce the error of calculating the concentration. Also, by using the regression relationship between brix tomato paste and temperature with Bostvik concentration, the exact amount of concentration can be obtained.

Nigeria is one of the African countries that imports large quantities of tomato paste. The best way to buy and sell this product in the countries of the world is the online market. With this method, it is possible to prepare your desired product very easily and in the shortest time.

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