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The cheapest price of factory tomato paste in Asia


Do you know the cheapest price of factory tomato paste in Asia? Contact us to buy homemade tomato paste without intermediaries.


cheapest price of factory tomato paste
cheapest price of factory tomato paste

Buy homemade Asian tomato paste

  • Tomato paste has many properties; One of its most important properties is the presence of an antioxidant called lycopene. This substance is found in most red fruits, but the main source of this substance is in tomatoes. As you know, heat is one of the most important steps in the preparation of tomato paste. At this stage, due to the heat, lycopene is released, which means that its antioxidant property increases. For this reason, it can be claimed that tomato paste is one of the products that, due to this process, It can play a significant role in people’s health. But most of the time, the heat level of the pastes that are prepared at home and under the supervision of non-specialists is more than needed; In this case, it can be said that tomato paste that is exposed to heat more than necessary, not only lacks antioxidants, but is no longer considered as nutrients.
  • According to the mentioned conditions, if you are not sure about the stage of making homemade pastes, it is better to use factory pastes.
    Tomatoes relieve your fatigue: Tomatoes contain many vitamins, including vitamins A, C, B3, B6, E and K. Among these vitamins, vitamin C is great for fighting fatigue and creating a feeling of vitality. Vitamin C plays a major role in cell protection and reduces the effects of free radicals and pollutants. Of course, note that the effect of this vitamin multiplies when you absorb more antioxidants such as carotenoids and polyphenols. Tomato is rich in vitamin C and carotenoids, and therefore it is considered an anti-aging fruit. If you want to always stay young and fresh, find tomatoes.
  • 4- Tomatoes to keep you fit: Tomatoes contain a lot of water (93-95%) and little sugar. Therefore, it quenches thirst and provides few calories to the body. In fact, each 100 grams of tomatoes has about 17 kcal of energy. Therefore, if you are looking for weight loss and are on a diet, you can safely trust this fruit-vegetable. Note that tomatoes help digestion and easy elimination. If you have digestive problems, you can eat a fresh and fully ripe tomato after a meal.
cheapest price of factory tomato paste
cheapest price of factory tomato paste

The cheapest price of factory tomato paste

  • Tomato paste factories sometimes pack this product in bulk form or aseptically. And they send tomato paste to packaging factories. To produce tomato paste in glass packages and cans.
  • Aseptic packaging, which is of interest for paste these days, is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside of the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging. Of course, in addition to tomato paste, other perishable foods can also be presented with this packaging.
  • Bulk samples must be refrigerated, but there is no need for aseptic types. On the other hand, the export of aseptic tomato paste has made us attract more foreign customers every day.
    Aseptic Brix 38-36 tomato paste is sold with a new barrel suitable for export, and Aseptic Brix 38-36 is sold with a normal barrel suitable for domestic factories. It should be noted that the aseptic paste is of high quality and has a long shelf life. And it is suitable for producing tomato sauce and other quality products.


brix tomato paste export 28-32 percent

  1. According to the announcement of the National Standards Organization, brix of tomato paste should be between 25 and 28, that is, if the number entered as BRICS is within this range, the concentration of tomato paste is at the standard and desirable level. A Brix greater than 28 means a stiffer paste, although the thicker the paste, the better the quality, but less Brix indicates its dilution. The thinner the paste, the more it is used.
  2. Brix is ​​one of the important criteria to determine the quality of tomato paste, so from now on when buying, pay attention to this number in addition to the mentioned brand in order to buy high quality tomato paste. It is interesting to know that the sweeter and meatier the tomatoes are, the more Brix is, naturally, in such a situation, the taste of the paste will be better.
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