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The largest tomato paste production line organic in Asia

Who is The largest tomato paste production line organic in Asia contender? Do you know the steps of setting up a tomato paste factory?

tomato paste production line

Important steps in setting up a tomato paste production line

  • Tomato paste is the most in demand among foods. And this factor has caused economic actors in the field of food to have a special look at the tomato paste production line. Of course, many still believe. It is very difficult to compete in the production of tomato paste production line due to the existence of numerous brands that are active in this field. But the main advantage of setting up a tomato paste production line is this. Which can be implemented for different purposes and in different ways. Stay with us. In order to know a very complete and comprehensive explanation about the tomato paste production line and what is needed in this regard.
  • The tomato paste production line can be implemented in a traditional or industrial way and with more or less capacities, according to the customers’ requests and also according to the culture of the region. The type of design and construction of the tomato paste production line should be done based on the justification plans and also during the feasibility steps. To the investor to see if the created plan is profitable or not. Tomato paste production line can include machines with different capacities depending on the amount of investment. But in any case, the general trend of the tomato paste production line is the same for all tonnages.
  • To set up a tomato paste production line, we must first consider this important factor. That paste production requires a lot of tomatoes. Tomatoes are composed of 95% water and 5% dry matter and other sugars.
  • If you are thinking of starting a tomato paste production line. In the first step, you should think about supplying tomatoes on a large and continuous scale. Tomato paste production and packaging plant can be economical at times. To continuously produce paste with its maximum capacity. If the capacity of the tomato paste production line is less than a certain limit, the production ratio is not justified according to the costs. And the production line must be stopped. On the other hand, to restart, all devices and machines must be cleaned again. This causes a lot of waste to be produced.

Tomato paste receiving line

  • Receiving tomatoes in the factory is done in two ways: receiving a basket or a suspended receipt. Tomatoes enter the factory in 25 kg baskets or boxes. And after weighing, it is placed on the loading platform. And the goods are weighed and delivered with a basket.
  • Located at the location of the initial download platform. The floor is covered with mesh plates and is full of water. Tomatoes are emptied from the basket into the pond water; Of course, the bottom of the pool has a suitable slope. By opening the outlet valve, the tomatoes easily flow with the water in the canal. This channel has air pipes. The air blown from these pipes causes the tomatoes to boil and as a result, the tomatoes are washed better.
  • The tomatoes then enter the second receiving tank via an elevator. The secondary intake is also a place for re-washing and controlling the tomatoes to enter the sorting.
tomato paste production line

The largest seller of organic tomato paste in Asia

Tomato paste is very popular in Asia. That’s why it has many sellers. But not all of them produce and sell organic tomato paste. We have prepared a list of the biggest sellers for you. Contact us to receive.

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