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The latest price tomato paste homemade in India

Do you know The latest price tomato paste homemade in India? The best Indian dishes are prepared with our company’s homemade tomato paste.

The latest price tomato paste

How to prepare the best champagne with homemade tomato paste

Ingredients (4 people)

  1. 300 grams of minced beef
  2. One medium onion, sauteed
  3.  2 hot green peppers, sage
  4. A teaspoon of turmeric
  5. A teaspoon of coriander powder
  6. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  7. 2 medium grated tomatoes or tomato paste
  8. A teaspoon of black pepper
  9. A teaspoon of red pepper
  10. One-fourth teaspoon of green cardamom powder
  11. Teaspoon cumin powder
  12. 6 tablespoons liquid oil
  13. Salt
  • How to prepare Indian meat champagne with tomato paste
  • Heat the oil in a medium saucepan. Roast the onion for 8 minutes until it turns brown. Add the meat and cook for a few more minutes until it turns brown. Using a wooden spoon, separate the pieces of meat.
  • Add the peppercorns and after a minute, add the spices to the food. And give a few wheels to lift the perfume.
  • Add the mashed tomatoes. After it boils, reduce the flame and cook the champagne with the lid closed for 15 minutes. Measure out the salt and serve quickly.
  • To turn a champagne into a complete meal, finely chop the medium potatoes and add to the food.
  •  Coriander improves the taste of champagne.
  • Serve champagne with pasta, rice and in a variety of sandwiches.
The latest price tomato paste

The latest price tomato paste suitable brix in India

If you live in India. And you are looking for the latest price tomato paste. It is better to first get acquainted with the definition and method of measuring its brix. Because it has a great impact on the rating of tomato paste:

  • Tomato paste is a product that is obtained from concentrating tomato juice and is marketed in various forms such as bulk tomato paste, canned tomato paste and aseptic tomato paste. The quality of tomato paste is measured by various parameters, including appearance parameters such as color, odor, taste and physical and chemical parameters. One of the most important physical parameters that should be evaluated to measure the quality of the paste is the Brix index of tomato paste. This indicator actually indicates the concentration of tomato paste, and in fact, the higher the brix of tomato paste, the thicker the paste product will be. This article will first provide you with the required information about tomato paste brix by defining the tomato paste brix and then by presenting the relevant standards and how to measure the brix index.
  • Measuring the degree of brix of tomato paste according to the test method provided by the National Organization for Standardization is that first the sample prepared from tomato paste should be poured into filter paper and after filtering, a drop of it should be placed in the refractometer. A refractometer is a device that measures the transparency of solids by calculating the refractive index of light, and is sometimes referred to as a refractometer.
  • Before the sample droplet can be placed inside the refractometer, a drop of distilled water must be placed on the device’s eye and the indicator degree set to zero. When a drop of the filtered sample is placed on the lens of a refractometer next to a drop of distilled water, the person performing the refractometer must observe two hemispheres through the refractometer, the white hemisphere of distilled water and the black hemisphere of the sample. is. The black hemisphere image is usually not quite clear, and the tester must split the circle into dark and light by turning the adjusting screw. The number obtained with these settings is equal to half a degree of tomato paste brix, and therefore by multiplying this number by 2, the tomato brix will be obtained.
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