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The market for buying industrial tomato paste first-class in Poland


The market for buying industrial tomato paste first-class in Poland with the brand of the top company of aymaz in different packages, and different weights in the domestic and export sectors is of great importance.

the Market for buying industrial tomato paste

the Market for buying industrial tomato paste

  • Today, with the advancement of technology and the construction of various factories to provide the needs of society, fewer people, manually and traditionally, to provide the materials needed for life. One of the most prominent products and necessities of people’s lives is tomato paste. Today, industrial tomato paste has replaced homemade tomato paste. And the market for buying industrial and factory tomato paste has become very important.
  • The ingredients of industrial tomato paste, like home-made tomato paste, are mostly tomatoes; That is, in the standard definition of industrial tomato paste, no other ingredients can be found in tomato paste. If not, the tomato paste is counterfeit. Therefore, our brand is proud to announce that its products are completely natural, and have been produced away from unauthorized materials. To buy industrial tomato paste, the points that you should pay attention to include paying attention to the brand name, having a standard stamp, date of production and expiration of the product, and the address of the packaging factory, which is completely standard and without any problems.
  • Industrial tomato paste, in addition to domestic sales to various parts of European countries, the market for buying paste among countries such as; Iraq, Greece, Germany, Oman and other countries have been very good, and the exports of these products are very high compared to their competitors.


Tomato paste production process

  • How to prepare tomato paste in the factory, which is known as industrial tomato paste, requires the following steps:
    Get the tomatoes
    Pre-soaking and washing tomatoes
    Serving and washing tomatoes
    Chop the tomatoes
    Initial baking
    Formulated tank
    Concentrate tomato juice
    Filling in cans and sealing
    Pasteurization of filled cans
    Cross under cold water shower
    Labeling and packaging
  • After cleaning and washing the tomatoes, they are crushed with special machines. Of course, when crushed, they are given some heat to destroy the enzymes they have. And the skin and seeds of tomatoes can be easily separated from their meat. After crushing, the tomatoes are filtered with a strainer until the water is completely separated. The tomato juice is then poured into a concentrator. And concentrate it under vacuum to form tomato juice in the form of tomato paste. When the concentration of solids in the tomato paste water reaches 28, it is packed in special cans.
the Market for buying industrial tomato paste

Specifications of 800 g canned tomato paste

  • Tomato paste enters the packaging stage after production, including the specifications of 800 g tomato paste, including:
    • Pure tomato paste
    • 1.5% refined salt
    • No preservatives and unauthorized
    • Brix 27%
    • Metal can packaging
    • Gross weight of one kilogram (net weight of tomato paste 800 grams)
    • Packing with three types of doors (normal, keyed, keyed with plastic lid)
    • Has a production and expiration date on the door
    • Has the seal of Iranian standard and international standard
    • Green Apple Health logo of the Food and Drug Administration
    • Has a table of nutritional value of the product per 30 grams

Brand of tomato paste 800 g

  1. This site belongs to the food industry production company. This group is a producer, seller and exporter of tomato paste with the most famous brand called aymaz. It should be noted that this company prepares its products from the best raw materials and with the latest technology and mechanized devices, produces the best tomato paste that is in accordance with international standards.
  2. For bulk purchase and high volumes for sale inside and in the export department, after registering your order, dear buyer, by contacting the sales unit of this collection, a production plan will be assigned for your order. And after the end of the production and quarantine process, it is ready to be loaded from the factory door, and it will be sent to you, dear buyers.
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