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The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste in the world


Who are The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste in the world? Tomato paste is used as the main flavoring of food. Tomato paste is one of the most important foods for cooking and preparing all kinds of food. Tomato paste has many nutritional properties, and therefore plays an important role in completing the household food basket.

The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste

Nutritional properties of tomato paste

  • The paste is actually the processed tomato. And it is prepared in such a way that after separating the seeds and skin of tomatoes, during specialized and industrial processes, homogeneous and paste-like materials are obtained. Tomato paste is rich in antioxidants. And it provides a large part of the body’s daily needs for iron, potassium and a variety of B vitamins. Vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K are other vitamins in tomato paste.
  • In addition to giving food a pleasant aroma and color, tomatoes help prevent cancer, increase memory and learning, strengthen the nervous system and brain, sleep better, strengthen the immune system against diabetes and infectious diseases. The properties of tomatoes are not less than the paste itself. While tomatoes are high in antioxidants, some of these antioxidants may even increase during paste production.
    To be able to enjoy the properties, taste and color of tomatoes as much as possible, it is better to dissolve it in water first and then add it to the contents of your dish. Do not forget that the thicker the tomato paste, the more water you will need to dissolve it.

Ingredients of tomato paste

  1. Tomato paste or eggplant paste is a thick paste that is used in cooking. To make tomato paste, after taking the seeds and skin, the tomatoes are cooked under vacuum for several hours. Then reduce the concentration and cook the product again to obtain a rich concentrate. In contrast, tomato puree contains cooked tomatoes. Its shelf life is between tomato paste and chopped tomatoes.
  2. There are two types of local and greenhouse tomatoes on the market; Both local and greenhouse tomatoes can be used, each with advantages and disadvantages.
    Local tomatoes give less paste but prevent the paste from becoming moldy and spoiling later. Tomatoes are more expensive in the greenhouse, but more paste is made from them. Usually, for every 100 kg of meaty and juicy tomatoes, between 10 and 15 kg of paste is obtained.
    Tomato paste was first produced in Italian homes and factories. The Italians decided to make a sauce from tomato extract to flavor their pastas with a different and new taste, and so Cecil and other cities in southern Italy became the cradle of tomato paste.
The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste

The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste

  • There are many companies involved in the production of tomato paste. Companies like aymaz are among the top and The most reputable manufacturers of tomato paste ​and one of the best brands of tomato paste in the world.
  • The online store has collected a selection of different types of tomato paste at the current price. Among these products, you can also see pomegranate paste, chopped tomatoes and tamarind concentrate, and by comparing the prices of these products, you can experience fast and simple online shopping
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