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The most reputable producer tomato paste of industrial in Africa

Who is The most reputable producer tomato paste of industrial in Africa? Do you know the production stages of tomato paste and the equipment needed in this field?

The most reputable producer tomato paste

Production stages of industrial tomato paste in Africa

Step 1: Tomatoes received from farms in plastic baskets, after weighing, are sent to the soaking and washing section of the tomato paste production line.
Second stage: This unit includes a special pool full of water that has a sloping surface. This unit is the first step in washing tomatoes.
Step 3: This step is the final washing of tomatoes, which is done using water showers.
Step 4: The washed tomatoes enter the shredder, which includes the blades that cause the tomatoes to be crushed. These tomatoes, crushed and crushed by a pump, enter the preheated part, which is in the form of a tube whose temperature reaches 85-90 degrees Celsius.
Step 5: This is the filtration section where the tomato juice and its pulp pass hot through the nets, which are in two different sizes with diameters of one and 0.7 mm.
Step 6: Or the stage of concentrating tomato juice, which is done in one, two or more steps inside the tank. This is done in factories as a batch or a continuous circulation system.
Seventh step: The last step of cooking tomato paste in the tomato paste production line is where the pasteurization process is performed.
Step 8: In this step, the pasteurized tomato paste is filled in the cans and the lid of the can is closed by a lid.
Step 9: In this section, the cans are labeled and the production date, production serial and product consumption date are printed on it.

The most reputable producer tomato paste

The most reputable producer of tomato paste

The most reputable producer of tomato paste is someone who uses mechanized machines. And in the following, we will acquaint you with the benefits of tomato paste as well as the equipment used in this field:
Tomato paste obtained in the production line Tomato paste is a product of tomato, which is removed by removing the skin and seeds of tomatoes and concentrating the water obtained by heat. Tomato paste is one of the healthy, natural and high-quality foods that is an important factor in the health of mind and body. And a nutrient-rich product has beneficial compounds that are not found in large quantities in raw tomatoes.

The benefits and properties of tomato paste in the food industry mean all the beneficial and positive effects it has on human health. For example, the size of a tablespoon of tomato paste has a large amount of antioxidants and can provide 3-6% of the body’s daily iron needs. It also contains B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin K and potassium. Finally, it should be said that the healing properties of tomato paste are not only less than tomatoes, but in most cases more than tomatoes.

Equipment used in the production line of tomato paste

Pool for fresh fruit, top to bottom, fruit washing and sorting area, work desk to separate waste from tomatoes, fruit waste conveyor
Fresh tomato receiving tank, feed pump, tomato shredder, tomato paste receiving tank, screw pump, tubular preheater, two-stage refinery, spiral drainer, colloidal mill, balance tank for raw dough, sanitary pump , Electrical control system
Mixer tank, tubular sterilizer, optical balance tank, CIPSYSTEM system and pipes, ponds.
Tomato paste packing machine, automatic sealing machine, laser printing machine and fully automatic tuning.

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