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Export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste to Niger


How to Export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste to Niger? Do you know the best seller of tomato paste in Africa?

Export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste

 export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste

To export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste, we must first get acquainted with its meaning:

What is brix 36_38% tomato paste?

Tomato paste brix can be said to be the total amount of water-soluble solids and is measured with a device called a refractometer.

Normally, the dilute amount of brix, which is acceptable, is 25. The sweeter the tomato, the more colored the brix of tomato paste.
The higher the percentage of tomato brix, the better the quality of the tomato paste made.
The standard Brix degree is usually between 25 and 28, which is approved by the National Standards Organization of Iran.

What are the characteristics of Brix tomato paste?
Tomato paste brix indicates the firmness of the tomato paste.
This percentage of concentration indicates that, for example, he ate a few tablespoons of tomato paste in the food and waited for the desired color and aroma.
Tomato paste that is prepared at home is not measured with brix. Tomato paste is not measured because the person who prepared it based his taste and experience to have a good concentration for his tomato paste.

But in buying and selling industrial tomato paste, Brix tomato paste is very effective in quality and price.
The standard inside the can is twenty-seven to twenty-nine, and less than twenty percent is called diluted tomato paste. Brix is ​​one of the main signs of the quality of tomato paste.
Produce paste with suitable tomato paste brix
By washing and cleaning the tomatoes, the preparation of the paste begins.
After that, the tomatoes are crushed with a special device. When crushing, they also give some heat to the tomatoes.
Tomatoes lose their enzymes and the skin and seeds of tomatoes are easily separated from their flesh.

After crushing, the tomatoes are filtered with a filter to separate the water completely.
The tomato juice is then poured into a thickener and concentrated under pressure and vacuum.
Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste.
When the brix of tomato paste solids reaches twenty-eight, that is, the standard brix, it will be packed in special cans.

Why do they concentrate tomato juice in a vacuum?
Because of the lower heat used to make tomato paste.
This will help preserve the red color of the paste and prevent it from changing color to black.
What is the significance of the degree of tomato paste brix?
But most of the time, pastes are made at home by non-specialist manufacturers.
Because it is overheated, it loses its antioxidant properties and is no longer considered a nutrient.
So it is better to use factory pastes.

Export of 36_38% Brix tomato paste

The best seller of tomato paste in Niger

Niger is an African country with a high import index. And usually imports in different fields. Food is one of the most important of them. Tomato paste is usually bought in large quantities. This spice is exported from Asian countries such as Iran and China to there and even to the whole of Africa. Now if you are looking for the best seller in this country as a distributor or even a consumer. We provide you with a list of burners. Just email us your order.

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