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Export cheap homemade tomato paste to Africa

Do you want to know how to Export cheap homemade tomato paste to Africa? So stay tuned for the rest of this article.

cheap homemade tomato paste

What is the recipe for cheap homemade tomato paste?

first stage
The first point is that for tomato paste, you should use firm and firm tomatoes. First, wash the tomatoes well, then chop them into 4 slices or two pieces with a sharp knife and pour them into a large pot.

second stage
At this stage, put the pot on high heat and let the tomato juice come out, which will make the skin of the tomatoes easily separate from their meat. Of course, because the heat is high, be careful that the tomatoes do not stick to the bottom of the pot.

third level
Once the tomatoes are soft, remove the pot from the heat, then place a wire mesh with small holes on another pot, then flatten the tomatoes by hand pressure on a metal grid, preferably as a precaution. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

The fourth step
Note that only the flesh and juice of the tomatoes should be passed through the grill, as passing the skin or the seeds of the tomato will cause your paste to mold and spoil very quickly, so carefully smooth the tomatoes.

Step Five
After the tomatoes are finely chopped, place the pot containing the peeled tomatoes on a low heat to thicken. After the tomato paste has thickened slightly, add salt and mix with the paste.
Step Six
To make sure that your tomato paste has reached a sufficient concentration, make a line with a spoon on the paste. If the created line fills up too quickly, your paste has not reached a sufficient concentration and should be left on the heat for a longer time to thicken.
Step 7
If it took a long time for the created line to be filled with a spoon, it means that your paste has thickened and is ready. Tomato paste should be stirred frequently when slightly thickened as it is more likely to settle and requires more care.
Step eight
At this stage, you must be very careful not to let your paste settle because burning the paste will make your paste taste bad. After the tomato paste has thickened, add the liquid oil and mix well with the paste to make the color of the paste brighter.
Step IX
If you wish, you can add more liquid oil to your paste. Once the tomato paste is ready, turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature, then pour it into a glass jar with a lid and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

cheap homemade tomato paste

Export of tomato paste to Africa

Because it is difficult to cook homemade tomato paste. On the other hand, the taste of home is very much welcomed by people. This product is produced in the factory. Which annually exports a large amount to Africa. Contact us for more information.

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