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The price of factory tomato paste in Mali


Do you know The price of factory tomato paste in Mali? First, we will deal with the difference between home and industrial paste. And then we mention the important factors in pricing.

factory tomato paste in Mali

What is the difference between hommade factory tomato paste in mali?


In this section, we will address an important issue, which is the difference between factory tomato paste in mali and home tomato paste:

  • Sodium benzoate is carcinogenic and is not used in most reputable factories. But household pastes that are used for sale, because they are not monitored, use additives, especially sodium benzoate, in an unauthorized manner.
  • Of course, in addition to the presence of sodium benzoate in unauthorized household pastes, there is another substance called altramide in these pastes. When cooking tomatoes at home, because there is no vacuum, this toxin is produced, while in the pastes of reputable factories, this toxin is not known. Because the heat in the factories is vacuum and the paste is produced below 70 ° C, in general, no illegal additives are found in the factory tomato paste due to the control and supervision exercised by the regulatory bodies.
  • To make the paste, the first and most important category is good quality tomatoes, so the tomatoes must be ripe and juicy. Unfortunately, some profiteers use raw tomatoes or tomatoes, some of which are green, to make homemade pastes that they want to sell. You should know that these green parts contain a toxic substance called solanine, which can endanger people’s health, so ripe tomatoes must be used in both home and factory pastes.
  • Tomato paste has many properties; One of its most important properties is the presence of an antioxidant called lycopene. This substance is found in most red fruits, but the main source of this substance is in tomatoes. As you know, heat is one of the most important steps in the preparation of tomato paste. At this stage, lycopene is released due to heat, ie its antioxidant properties increase. Therefore, it can be claimed that tomato paste is one of the products due to this process. It can play an important role in people’s health. But most of the time, pastes made at home under the supervision of non-specialists require too much heat; In this case, it can be said that tomato paste, which is exposed to too much heat, not only lacks antioxidants, but is no longer considered as a nutrient. Given the above conditions, if you are not sure about the stage of making homemade pastes, it is better to use factory pastes.
  • The benzoate family and anti-mold compounds such as sodium propionate are other items that may be used in household products, especially tomato paste. It is generally recommended to promote consumer culture, in general, people should use products that have a manufacturing license, health license, standard license and manufacturing series. A self-regulatory system must also be in place, meaning that people do not buy products that are not valid.
  • When substandard tomatoes are used to make paste, the color of this product may be slightly different from its original color. Especially that some profiteers may use other products instead of tomatoes such as pumpkin, starch, etc. In this situation, for a better color, these people resort to food or illegal colors.
  • Therefore, it is better to use safe factory pastes instead of homemade paste. Which is the supplier of the best brand in our company’s finance.
factory tomato paste in Mali

Prices of tomato paste in Mali

Mali is an African country with commercial ports. That is why this spice is traded all over Africa from this country. And the price of tomato paste depends on many factors. Like the brand name and the country of manufacture, the percentage of Brix paste is also important in pricing.

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