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Export of aseptic tomato paste from Mali

How are Export of aseptic tomato paste from Mali done? Contact our expert to buy tomato paste from this country.

aseptic tomato paste from Mali

Buy aseptic tomato paste from Mali


Are you planning to buy aseptic tomato paste from Mali? So you should have information about aseptic, which we will discuss below:

  • You may have heard the word aseptic over and over in the food industry. Aseptic is a production process in the food industry and is a process method for pre-sterilized liquid products (especially food or pharmaceuticals). The aseptic process can create the capability for a sustainable product in a way that does not require refrigeration.
  • In a sentence, aseptic is the process by which a food product is packaged in such a way that it does not need to be refrigerated. The aseptic process has almost completely replaced freezing in liquid foods including milk, juices and concentrates, cream, yogurt, liquid eggs and ice cream mixes. This technique has become increasingly popular in recent years for products such as cheese, baby food, meat products, fruits and vegetables, soups, tomato paste, jams and desserts.
  • The aseptic process consists of three primary steps: thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of the packaging, and preservation of sterilization during packaging. To ensure the sterilization process, the aseptic process must maintain all the characteristics of the product. And maintaining these items in production is essential. This indicates that the sterilization conditions are correct and maintained throughout the aseptic process.
  • Any defect of this process planned for the process or packaging system means. That the damaged product will be destroyed. In addition, the aseptic process and packaging system must be cleaned and re-sterilized before and after the process. Packaging equipment and packaging materials will be sterilized using various intermediates or combinations thereof (eg saturated steam, superheated steam, hydrogen peroxide and heat and other methods).
  • The aseptic process has many uses. From food industry to medicine and pharmacy, but the subject of this article is specifically aseptic in the food industry. Aseptic in food industries such as tomato puree, coconut paste, pasteurizer (matia), fresh cream, flavored milk (sweet milk, chocolate milk, rose milk, vanilla milk, etc.), soy milk, milk packages (Tetrapak milk), Juices, flavorings such as gulab jamun and rasgulla, canned fruits in sweet syrup or compote, and ready meals that everyone can benefit from some kind of process.
  • The aseptic process is in fact a completely sterilized range. All items in that area are free from any kind of contamination. The aseptic zone should be such that even the environment and space are sterile.
  • aseptic process in the factory is such that after heating and initial production, the product enters the aseptic range. The product is cooled in this range and inside the aseptic filling machine. All piping and pipes in this aseptic area must be sterilized. Aseptic packaging, which itself consists of sterilization bags. Enters the production process and the product is packaged in them.
aseptic tomato paste from Mali

How to export tomato paste in Africa

If you want to buy tomato paste for export in Africa. You must first select its type and brand.
Then look for a reputable exporter. Then enter into negotiations with him. So that you can make an optimal purchase.

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