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The largest tomato paste traders aseptic in Algeria

Do you know The largest tomato paste traders aseptic in Algeria? Tomato paste exported is by these people to the world market.

tomato paste traders

Tomato paste market in Algeria

Tomato paste is one of the most popular seasonings in the Algerian market. This African country has many dishes that use tomato paste. And they usually buy good quality paste, which should be made from good tomatoes. Here are the characteristics of proper tomato paste:

  • taste
  • Low humidity
  • Small grains and small grains
  • High efficiency
  • Disease resistant
  • High pigments
  • Having fleshy texture

In the export paste, there is a feature called spastic, which causes. The paste will stay healthy for longer during the transfer, which we will explain in the following aseptic packaging process:

• a) Sterilize food before it is filled in the package

• b) Sterilize the packaging or container and close it before filling with food

• c) Sterilize equipment involved in food processing

• D) Maintain sterilization throughout the system and produce sterile packages

tomato paste traders

The largest country exporting aseptic tomato paste

But in this section, we first want to know what a aseptic is:

 It is a manufacturing process in the food industry and is a pre-sterilized process method for liquid products (especially food or pharmaceuticals). The spit process can create a capability for a sustainable product that does not require a refrigerator.

In a spatial sentence, it is a process in which a food product is packaged in a way that eliminates the need to store it in the refrigerator. The aseptic process has almost completely replaced freezing in liquid foods such as milk, juices and concentrates, cream, yogurt, liquid eggs and ice cream mixes.

This process is becoming increasingly popular for foods containing small particles such as cheese, baby food, meat products, fruits and vegetables, soups and rice desserts.

Usually the largest exporters of tomato paste are in Asia and China and Iran.

tomato paste traders

The best tomato paste traders

As we said in the first part, aseptic has steps that we will explain in the following:

The aseptic process consists of three initial steps: thermal sterilization of the product, packaging sterilization, and sterilization during packaging. To ensure the sterilization process, the aseptic process must retain all the characteristics of the product. And it is essential to maintain these in production. This suggests that sterilization conditions have been maintained throughout the sputum process.

Any defect in this process is planned for the process or packaging system. That the damaged product will be destroyed. In addition, the process and the packaging system must be cleaned and re-sterilized before and after the process. Packaging equipment and packaging materials will be sterilized using a variety of intermediaries or a combination of them (eg saturated steam, superheated steam, hydrogen peroxide and heat and other methods). We will introduce you to the best tomato paste traders. They usually export extensively to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Russia and Algeria. And they are represented in all these countries.

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