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Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum

Best Quality Tomato Paste is one of the most consumed and the most important food ingredient that plays a very important role in Iranian cuisine. It is actually a tomato juice extract that converts into a nourishing tomato paste.

The degree of food brix actually represents the percentage of soluble solids in it. The question is, what kind of Tomato paste is suitable for purchase.


Best Quality Tomato Paste

Types of Tomato Paste in the Iranian market

Production of tomato paste with a high degree of brix is carried out in Iran. The typical brix grade for tomato paste is 28-30%, delivered in 400g, 800g and 4kg packages. The quality of paste produced in Iran is very high and in terms of health in accordance with the World Health Standards.


Best Quality Tomato Paste

Popular brands of Best Quality Tomato Paste in Iran

Due to the high production of tomatoes in Iran, its affiliated industries have potential for production of paste. Therefore, the best global brands in Iran create for tomato paste.

Tomato paste in Iran is currently exported to Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Arab countries.

Good conditions for the production and maintenance of the desired types of tomato paste produced in Iran are so good and standard. That also provides better durability and flavor for these pastes. Is the temperature and the dryness of the storage warehouses of these pastes can preserve them for a long time for the buyer.


Best Quality Tomato Paste

 Accepts Shopping advice for tomato paste

Many buyers tend to buy tomato paste from Iranian markets. For consumers who are eager to export this product, it will be very helpful and also for foreign customers who want this product.

Tomato purchasing advice provides you with the opportunity to choose. And buy the best product for you, and provides you with valuable information about customs regulations.


Best Quality Tomato Paste

Technology in tomato paste production

Best Quality Tomato Paste is a transformation product that. As also a tomato extract, contains a large amount of the properties of tomatoes. That consumer as a seasoning in most foods and a unique flavoring and coloring agent. In the past, anyone who trapped their own traditional home-cooked dishes was a long way away. In this traditional method, they wash the tomatoes and soak them in the water for one day. And then squeeze them out after tomorrow to remove tomato juice. Then pour it in a filter to separate the tomato juice from the pulp. After this step, the strained water will boil tomatoes to thicken and make tomato paste and hold in pottery or glassware.




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