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Wholesale easy open tomato paste tinned

Pellets or tomato paste tinned is an ingredient made from tomatoes and used in cooking. The preparation of pellets is done by removing the liquids from the tomatoes and peeling them. then the tomato paste is warmed until the liquids leave and then placed in the oven with herbs. what is left is the pelts.
Peppers are a natural source of lycopene, valuable to the human organism. So it is necessary to include it in our diet.

Tomato sauce is one of the basic, and fundamental, elaborations of world cuisine. If we have time and enjoy cooking, we can make it at home, rescue a family recipe or try different spices. The preparation of this sauce is simple. However, there is not always time or desire to cook. For these cases, preserves are a splendid solution. Just open the can or brik and heat its contents in a saucepan. With spices, vegetables and other ingredients it is possible to customize a tomato ketchup, giving it a special touch. Here’s how to do it.

tomato paste tinned

Howmtone of tomato paste tinned

tomato paste tinned or tomato concentrate is the base sauce in Italian recipes. Known for its concentrate is also called Italian tomato puree.

The paste or tomato concentrate vary based on the water content or percentage of tomato concentration. In each country there are varieties and methods of preparation.

This recipe has many uses in Italian cuisine as it is a common ingredient for preparing pizzas, pasta recipes, sauces in which the tomato intervenes and even to make stews.

The preparation of tomato paste can be prolonged, although very easy. This preparation can last about 1 hour. Although for the final result you have to have patience.

tomato paste tinned

Tomatoes or miraculous !!

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements strengthen the immune system, protect against cancer, regulate sugar, help reduce cholesterol and strengthen the bones.

The inclusion of tomatoes in the diet is an excellent choice because it yields little calories while being an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K, potassium and manganese. Rich in vitamin E (α-tocopherol), thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and β-carotene.

Tomato has a strong antioxidant effect, mainly due to its high lycopene content.

tomato paste tinned


The traditional 28-30 brix double compacted tomato concentrate in an 860g metal box with easy opening and a plastic lid for longer maintenance after opening. Product with a long history, cult packaging and incredible cooking results.

Tomato paste is a tomato concentrate that has removed both the skin and seeds. And also has a final texture in the form of a red paste.

popular culinary use is in the preparation of pizza sauce. The most common form of commercialization is by cans or canned pasta. They have the advantage of being able to withstand long periods of preservation, superior to other canned tomato products.

tomato paste tinned

Tomato paste from the past to the present

Over the past decades, when home was supposed to be self-sufficient in everything. Housewives made the months of August and September and the pastry of the year. Today’s chemical preservatives did not exist in local markets, at least, and the main preservative was salt.
It takes a lot of very mature tomatoes, which we cut and squeeze very well on the strainer.

Once the spinning process has finished, boil the juice for a long time to make it thick enough. Stirring very often not to get caught (not sticking to the bottom of the utensil, usually croak). Then add salt, in a ratio of 15-20% and stir well, dissolve evenly in our paste. Then put it in a pan and leave it for one night in the traditional oven, once we brew the bread.
After all, our paste is ready and kept in clay lutes for reddish food. Note that because it is very salty, food requires less salt.

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