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1000g Canned Tomato Paste Suppliers

Today Canned Tomato Paste Suppliers provide good products. How they make it? First tomatoes are cleaned. Then they crush tomatoes with certain devices. Of course, when crushed, they give them some heat. As long as the enzymes they have disappear. Also, the skin and seeds of tomatoes can be easily separated from their meat. This initial process is very important.

Method of preparing tomato paste

After crushing, the tomatoes flatten with a flat iron. As long as the water is completely detached. Then pour the tomato juice into a condenser. Condense it under vacuum. As long as tomato juice comes in tomato paste. To reach the concentration of solids in water, paste the tomato paste to 28. Then they pack it into special cans. The heating process determines the grade of the brix of the paste. This way Canned Tomato Paste Suppliers, offer the best tomato pastes.

Sterilize of Canned Tomato Paste

Insert the sealed canisters for sterilization into the autoclave. This will make it disappear if there are microorganisms such as mold or yeast inside the can. Also, they cannot grow inside the can. In this case, cans can last for a long time. These patches can be stored without worrying about corruption. of course, glass containers are also sterilized. but the heat is transported in better metal containers.

Ingredients in Canned Tomato Paste

Salt in industrial sticks, according to the World Health Organization, is about 1 to 2 percent. If more than that amount, they add salt, it is cheating. In addition, tomato paste is not used in a large amount of daily food. Therefore, it’s not necessary to ban it. Only those who are allergic to tomato and paste should be careful. It’s best to limit your diet intake as much as possible.

Lycopene in tomato paste is more than lycopene in fresh tomatoes. This is due to exposure to heat and heat. But vitamins, especially vitamin C in paste, are largely eliminated due to heat and heat. In general, tomato paste is better than tomato itself in terms of the amount of lycopene, antioxidants and anticancer substances. But its vitamins are less. Use the canned Tomato Paste.

The appearance and color of industrial tomato paste

Canned Tomato Paste contain red paste? The color redness depends on how it is prepared. Today’s Tomato paste is in vacuum, so their color is usually red. They are not black. Of course, patches that are very clear can be made from calamus. Overlapping darkness can also indicate that the vacuum cleaner did not do its job properly.

These patches do not differ in terms of the production method and nutrients. But the ducts in metal cans are more reliable. Because they can be kept longer.

Tomato paste health benefits

Researchers in a variety of studies have found that lycopene in tomatoes has a significant effect on preventing prostate cancer. Particularly tomato paste has this effect.

Scientists have shown that tomato paste has a greater effect on antioxidant power. Canned Tomato Paste have all these effects.

Tomato cooked will remove the cell wall and its tissues. This results in the release of Lycopene.

Cooked tomatoes can be effective against prostate cancer, breast cancer. It also has a preventive role for benign prostatic hyperplasia in men.

A spoonful of tomato paste has only 13 calories. No fat. In the sense that it will not cause overweight. The paste also contains 244 international units of vitamin A. It is useful for the health of the eyes and the eyes, reproduction and fetal development.

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