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Drum tomato paste 36-38 at wholesale

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38% is excellent. The properties of fruits and vegetables are very abundant. Talking about it takes a lot of time. But knowing the properties of fruits and vegetables is good. Forcing us to eat them. Fruit tomato is high-grade. And it’s used in cooking. And especially in salads. One of the things you eat is tomato paste. Get acquainted with tomato paste properties.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

How is tomato paste manufactured in the factory?

Tomato paste is one of the most consuming food stuffs among people. Which is useful in various foods. Used in fried eggs. Or cooked. In very remote times people used traditional sticks. People made tomato paste for consumption. They ate their one-year-old home at home.

With the increase in population and the growth of the industry, the demand has also increased. The growth of apartment and shortage of time increased. Today, the production of paste is the responsibility of the factories. This task assigned to food production plants.

At present, the majority of people eat sticks. They use tomato paste. This product goes from farm to store to different stages. There is a wide variety of paths. For some people, it’s interesting to know how to prepare tomato paste at the factory. In this regard, refer to other articles on this site.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Why use tomato factory paste?

Tomato paste is one of the stuffings. Is a favorite of the people. Which is useful in most of their foods. Most people buy paste in a package. And paste the factory. They buy it in small cans. And they consume. But nowadays, with the onset of the cold season, the consumption of paste is higher. Many homeowners use industrial patches. They tend to buy the paste they need. Why winter? Because good quality can be in this season. And the tomato paste should be full red. To be good. The exact history of the first tomato paste is not available.

Tomato extract contains a lot of tomato properties. Like all kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of lycopene.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Production process price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Low temperature and indirect heat is good. It is better at producing industrial paste. Especially in comparison with high and uncontrolled heat. This improves the quality of the home-made paste. And increases the amount of lycopene in the industrial tomato paste. Normally, the amount of salt in the unauthorized tomato paste is unclear. And in some cases it exceeds the permissible limit (2%). And in some other cases, the amount of salt is very low. This leads to moldy conditions. This causes early fungal contamination.

Adding any preservatives is prohibited. Adding thickener and paint to paste is not good. And cheating. These items are being examined in the food lab. And cases of violation reported to the law enforcement agencies. It is therefore recommended to the respected consumers. Use of industrial tomato paste. Make sure you have products that have a valid manufacturing license.

Allow authorized tomato paste. Whose health principles are followed. Get this product in low volume. Hold the glass container. And keep in the refrigerator. Avoid buying industrial paste. Stay away from unauthorized paste. price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Tomato paste canned tomato paste

This product not recommended. For those who are allergic to tomatoes. Avoid using unsweetened canned food. Stay away from cans with a change of color and smell. Tomato paste should be kept in the refrigerator after opening. One of the natural happenings for this product. It is mouldy. Due to poor storage conditions. So keep it at 4 ° C to keep it from melting. Do not open or close the refrigerator a lot. Do not overload the refrigerator capacity. Avoid placing the infected fruit and greens next to the paste. And be sure to keep the paste in glassware. price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%


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